Social Media Offers Road Map to Success

Remember how you were taught to believe that the world is round? Well, maybe it’s time to change how you think and look at the world from a business point of view. The world has become truly flat.

Every company, brand, and product has the ability to compete in the local or global markets of the world. At the moment, the size of a company does not matter. Any company, brand or product can get a foothold in social media and have the ability to dominate their markets.

It takes planning and time to complete the circle, a funnel, or cash flow working back to you. As I have always said, it’s all about infinite patience. I credit the sport of fly-fishing that taught me infinite patience well beyond the average level, but that’s another story.

To capture the top 10% of a market, takes consistency and patience. You have heard about instant successes, what was the real story before they were instant successes?

It is very important to build a road map to success through social media. Managing your social media platforms, is as important as managing your financial portfolios, as the bottom line makes all the difference.

Create a business portfolio with each social media account having a separate folder. The folders in your portfolio work differently, keeping your presence in front of your audience.

On Facebook for example, you ought to create a personal and a company page for customers and prospective clients to read about you and what is happening at your company in real time.

Place an appropriate picture on the personal and the company logo in the business page.

Create photo albums, post events, company videos and status updates.

Each folder has its purpose to reach new customers, and a real time connection with your present customers, allowing you to understand your market through the sentiment of people and allowing you to achieve an understanding of how they feel.

Twitters, Facebook, Linkedin, Viadeo, Foursquare are some major social media platforms. The Social Media channels are too numerous to name all of them. Many sites are often overlooked or not used from lack of knowledge or from fear.

Posting articles and press releases are a must at least a couple of times a month. Some of the online EZine papers offer press clubs, with a very influential and broad reach.

Not to be overlooked is Youtube. This is where major brand recognition will achieve a greater circle of influence leading back to your company.

In using Youtube, it is recommended to post a video every week or more, but no less than a couple times a month. Once you post your video, broadcast it through all of your social channels. Have it embedded in your Article or Press release, to create a track-able audience and what they have to say or how they react to your message.

This allows:

– Real time tracking of your company’s direction.

– Real time changes, operating in the present, instead of guessing on the future of an idea.

– A company to operate from a position of innovative thinking.

The door to the world is open and there are many roads to take. Opportunity is within reach to anyone who is willing to reach out and take it!

Positively build on your present market and create new ones. It’s really is up to you. The world through social media is flat. Don’t let the rotation pass you by, Be First.