Cannabis Industry Continues to Grow Alongside Demand

One of the incredible byproducts of watching the cannabis sector grow at an exponential rate, is witnessing how this development permeates into other industries.

A recent Financial Post article has highlighted three cannabis stocks that are benefiting from the expansion of marijuana and why they are doing so.

The article states that a recent study done by Deloitte predicted recreational cannabis sales could reach $8.7 billion per year, but money from business developments related to cannabis could make that number $22.6 billion.

For example, Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc. is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

In late November Neptune announced that it was extending a licensing agreement to use its patented omega-3 fatty acid delivery technology to administer cannabis products. The company has also applied for a license to produce cannabis oil.

Another second company continuing its ride in the cannabis sector is Namaste Technologies. The Vancouver-based company calls itself the largest online retailer for cannabis delivery systems.

Namaste recently completed a deal that would allow the company to sell home-growing systems. In an interesting twist that benefits Canada, Namaste also stated in November that it was selling all its U.S. assets because of political uncertainty around marijuana, and it would concentrate its efforts in legal regions.

The final company to be featured was Radient Technologies based out of Edmonton. Radiant makes technology that allows for faster cannabis extraction.

Because of a recent investment that is allowing the company to expand, it is developing further extraction technology for future use.

One of the important investment takeaways from all this is that companies which are expanding due to the cannabis industry will all need one important ingredient in their efforts and that is cannabis.

One of the newer companies making a lot of waves in the cultivation and innovation of cannabis is Health Canada licensed producer INDIVA. The company is expanding at a rapid rate, securing $23M in funding for major expansion moves, just prior to their upcoming public listing on the TSXV. It is announced the RTO closure will be in the coming days, with more press releases to follow.

Indiva is also in the process of solidifying strategic partnerships with global companies looking to diversify with the growers in the cannabis industry. With so many promising movements in the sector, now maybe be a good time to look at Indiva as an investment option.

No matter where you invest your money, cannabis is certainly the hot new crop to look at, and now is the time to get involved before the market vertically expands through complete legalization in 2018.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.