The Fascinating History of Tall Ship Models

Tall ship models are beautiful artefacts that are the pride of any art connoisseur. For a practical person, they are just pieces of art with no use whatsoever. A pragmatic approach tends to categorise ship models into a hobby for those endowed with the luxury of time and wealth. However, the fact is that tall ship models have helped archaeologists peep into history and understand various cultures through the art of seafaring. Moreover, these artefacts continue to amuse artists who spend night and day in achieving perfection for their models.

The Charm of Tall Ship Models

Historians believe that ships played a crucial role in warfare as they made travel easier and faster. During the times of Napoleon, prisoners used to make tall ship models to make use of their idle time. These models were then sold to the general public. The ship models of Napoleonic times were made of ivory and were an item of fascination owing to their stunning visual appeal.

Later in the eighteenth century, Britain was a major force in the deep seas and this led to an increasing fascination among kids for ship models. Ship models became a favourite pastime for children who played with them as toys.

Twentieth century saw the introduction of ship kits and lead and wood became popular items for creating tall ship models. Later plastic became more popular for building tall ship models.

Intricacies of Building a Tall Ship Model

Any fault in a tall ship model can be an eyesore as it could be easily spotted. This entails that the modeller has to aim for perfection while carving out a ship model of a bigger size. Wood is still a popular material for building ship models as it is both solid and light in weight. Plastic is also used as it makes the model water resistant. The tint of the model depends on the material used. A wooden ship model has the colour of a grain while a plastic model will be white. The quality of a ship model depends on its aesthetics. An intricate design will delight anyone.

Tall ship models are a delight for the onlooker but they also require a lot of space. A schooner model requires a lot of space and is suitable for large houses with ample space. Cleaning these models is not difficult and dusting them once a month will keep them clean.

Ship models give us an insight into history and remind us of our great culture. Collecting ship models is not just a hobby or a pastime, it is a tribute to those who conquered the seas and played their part in the development of modern civilisation.

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