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John McCormick is a reporter, /science/medical columnist and finance and social commentator, with 18,000+ bylined stories and seven major books. He is a 38-year member of the National Press Club, retired emergency management coordinator, physicist, and member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and a member of The Union of Concerned Scientists. He is a senior NewsBlaze writer who writes incisive, investigative stories. Medical Blog https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/

Other recent books are “Sheep in the Rafters,” and “Everywhere I turn There’s a Wet Nose” a book for those who see dog hair as a condiment (about the science of and love for dogs) are available on Amazon.
The list of all of his books is here: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00287RNFS

View NASA Hubble Space Repair Live on the Web

People are getting pretty blaze about near-Earth space travel but when you stop to think about it this is really incredible - you can watch repairs on the Hubble Telescope live via the Web.

Ron Paul Seeks Audit of Federal Reserve

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has introduced a bill, H.R. 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, in an effort to learn just what the U.S. Federal Reserve has done with trillions of dollars of tax payer money.

Pandemic – Just What Does That Mean?

There are now 236 confirmed cases of the swine flu worldwide according to the WHO in Geneva. The warning level is now at a '5' with '6' being the 'pandemic' level. But just what does calling this a 'pandemic' mean?

Swine Flu Hoaxes, lies, and misstatements

Swine flu, do masks and hand sanitizers work? Will an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer kill a virus? Do they even CLAIM to be anti-viral? Can you eat bacon and saussage without fear of catching the flu?

Swine Flu Confirmed in Europe

Spain confirms initial case of the New A/H1N1 Swine Flu in a Patient just returned from Mexico. Asia is preparing according to a report in Aljazeera.

Why Does Swine Flu Kill Healthy People?

As reports of the Swine Flu epidemic are coming in from around the world (CNN reports 40 confirmed cases in the U.S. now), what stands out the most is the fact that the mortality rate among the young and healthy is very high in the Mexican cases. Th

Swine Flu Update – CDC Community Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) release updated guidelines as the new A/H1N1 strain of Swine Flu spreads around the world.

Swine Flu – Prevention

The Swine Flu is spreading as far as New York. Special masks are required to provide protection against the spread of flu viruses.

Swine Flu Threat – NOT the Feared H5N1 Bird Flu

A new strain of influenza known as the A/H1N1 Swine Flu has been spreading rapidly in northern Mexico and has been confirmed in both California and Texas. Although treatable, this is a new strain of flu and it poses the potential to spread rapidly a

Home Garden 1.0 – REVIEW Small Tiller/Cultivator

An impartial review of the Troy-Bilt TB 154 electric garden cultivator suitable for average home garden use or even weeding rows in small commercial operations.

Get Free Tax Filing Extension in Seconds – Form 4868

Despite all the panic among tax payers, it is easy to get a 6 month extension on the date to file your U.S. income tax, just tell the IRS you need more time. Of course you must PAY today, but all the paperwork can wait.

Gas and Oil Companies Fail to Prepare for Next Energy Crisis

Drill Baby Drill has turned to lay off drill crews as oil and gas companies prepare for the next oil and gas crisis by making certain there will be no additional supplies to mitigate prices.

Easter Egg Hunt Goes to the Dogs in Indiana Pennsylvania

Local 'hunt' geared to the dogs lets kids and adults enjoy a morning out with their pets hunting doggie toys.

Home Garden 1.0 – Planting Potatoes and Starting Seeds

Fast, simple, and easy way to plant potatoes. Also, introduction to starting seeds.

Security News Portal Calls Conficker FUD

Respected online security news website starts off April 1 with a spoof of the security scare dejour, the Conficker infection.

UPDATE: Conficker Or April Fool’s Virus Removal Tool

Symantec offers a free Conficker virus removal tool for Vista and Windows XP users.

April Fool’s Virus or Worm, AKA Conficker Virus

Symantec says nothing to worry about, as a 35+year computer security specialist I suggest you simply change your computer clock on personal systems.

Home Garden 1.0 – Seeds and a special discount from Burpee!

Special discount offer from Burpee and some information about finding and choosing the right seeds for your new garden.

Improving Production: Better Gardening Through Home Chemistry

Preparing new garden soil for the first planting is easy but the more you do the better the results will be. Making your own fertilizer from hair.

Small-Scale Gardening is Incredibly Easy: Home and Garden 1.0

It is always a good idea to grow some of your own food - today it is a necessity for many but all those garden supply stores and TV shows make it seem like rocket science. This article shows you how to start a garden for $10 or less.