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muslims burn us flag.

Why Are Muslims Becoming Anti-Muhammad?

Uncle Tom, Con Artist, False Prophet are just a few of the descriptions coming out of the Muslim community about Prophet Muhammad. And many...
Ifa spiritual reading for 2017.

Ifa Foundation Releases Spiritual Reading of the Year: 2017

The following is the official annual reading of the year, by the Ifa Foundation, as taught by the African Traditional Religion (ATR) known as...
street women iran.

Street Women in Iran: Not a Profession, But a Sign of...

There are many rising social dilemmas in today's Iran. Along with poverty, homelessness, and substance addiction, there are street women. It is clear Iran's...
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Promoting Degrading Gangsta Rap Culture

Alternative media reporter Alex Jones, a major supporter of Donald Trump, and anti-Hillary Clinton newscaster, has released a shocking new video detailing one of...
in the Sacred Garden at ifafoundation.org.

Improving Life and Connecting with Spirit in the Sacred Gardens

Everyone wants to improve their life, but many wait until the end of the year, during their New Years Resolution to try this, yet...
Masood Khan.

Kashmir Burns Once Again, People Victims of Worst Indian Terrorism

Statement by Sardar Mohammad Masood Khan Sardar Mohammad Masood Khan is the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He spoke at the joint session of...

NYC Artist Carson Ferri-Grant Rejoins Pop-Up Gallery Movement in 2016

Carson Ferri-Grant has been a fixture on the NYC art scene since the 1970s, member of Colab, and he knows a good idea when...
Harmony Council logo.

INSPAD Initiates Long-Awaited “Harmony Council”

Contact Kimberly Jones Telephone 757-650-4892 Cell 757-650-4892. Email [email protected] Website www.Inspad.org. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2016. INSPAD INITIATES LONG-AWAITED "HARMONY COUNCIL" Think Tank to work on interdependencies...

Famous Florida Spiritual Grounds Hosts Retreat

The Osain Healing Retreat September 24-25, 2016 in Central Florida, U.S. In today's hustle and bustle world, many feel that they need a healing experience...
The People vs. Fritz Bauer.

The People vs. Fritz Bauer

The People vs. Fritz Bauer, a film by Lars Kraume Featured at the Toronto International Film Festival 2015 - Locarno International Film Festival 2015 -...
forex trading

A Holiday Intro to Forex

Foreign Exchange is one of the most fast-paced investment methods that exists, and the Forex market is now very different to what is was 10 years ago.
android apps to transfer files.

Top 5 Android Apps to Transfer Files From Android to PC...

There are hundreds of apps to transfer files from Android to PC but choosing one can be quite a task. So, we're going to cover the top 5 fastest apps to transfer files.
asbestos warning

Breakthroughs in Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma - the asbestos problem with no current cure. At least there is detection,
peloton technology

Volvo Showcases New Luxurious ‘XC90’ SUV

Volvo upgrades luxury offerings in XC90 and invests in Peloton Technology, saving fuel for vehicle fleets and improving safety, collision mitigation, vehicle control.
personality traits successful entrepreneurs

Personality Traits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs need not be Type A. They need tenacity, vision, and the ability to follow their gut without worrying what others think.

Freedom…The Path

The path to freedom is within you. It is spontaneously acting in accordance with the connect and flow, not bound by emotions, the mind, environment or other influence
view in the mirror

Belief and You … You Are Responsible For Yourself

Belief changes your perspective and your reality. The premise of belief begins when we receive a kinesthetic, audio, visual and other input from people in our circle of influence.

Members of Iranian Resistance Face Prosecution on Financial Allegations

After this verdict of cessation of prosecution, the clerical regime, faced with failure of its 15-year sham, in a disgraceful and infamous act, appealed this verdict on behalf of a dead person.
imaginationtv ad

Imagination TV (otcqb: IMTV) Update On Runway and Time Warner Connection

Imagination TV Inc. takes a step forward with its Runway Magazine acquisition, prior to starting the new two-hour slot on Time Warner Cable.
europe-2 by 400286 on pixabay

Eviction of Iranian Regime From Iraq and Syria Crucial to End...

The conference 'The crisis of terrorism and fundamentalism, roots, solutions, role of religious dictatorship in Iran' was held at the invitation of British, Swiss and Finnish parliamentary committees concurrent with the official meeting.