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Danish Zombie on The Run in ‘Escaping The Dead’ Film

In the meantime the country has been hit by a new deathdrug and when David and his partner in crime Ahmir is offered some exceptionally cheap cocaine they see it as an opportunity to earn big money at the big techno concert the following Friday, but

TheWallStreetVoice.com Reports otcqb: IMTV www.myimaginationtv.com Trades Up 100% In First Week

thewallstreetvoice.com corporate communications company reports that Imagination trades up 100% in the first week of showcasing IMTV products & services

‘Mr. Hollywood’ Shannon Rose Debuts as a Special Panelist

Hillsborough Community College presents their Startup toolbox event with the As Seen on TV to attract as many prospective business people as possible.
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Iranian Regime Attacks Women With Acid

Mrs. Rajavi called on the international community to condemn this anti-human crime by the mullahs' regime and to adopt immediate measures through the UN Security Council to stop these crimes.
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EDITORIAL: Brian Reilly, Surprise Tea Party Supporter Turns On Arpaio

Brian Reilly, a Surprise Tea Party Supporter who asked Sheriff Arpaio to investigate Obama documentation anomalies, switches sides, to attack Arpaio's investigation.

German Wildlife Conservationists on a Mission to Halt Japanese Dolphin Hunting

According to Pro Wal the authorities approved the catching and killing of 1,938 marine mammals for this year's hunting season in Taiji, which began on 1 September and will end in February 2015.
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Author and Child Advocate Donna Kshir Receives Certifications

Donna Kshir, prolific author and child advocate encourages others to take a stand against child abuse, because too many innocent children are being seriously injured and killed.
lady margaret hall college

New Business Programme Sends US Students to Oxford University

The No. 1 ranked undergraduate international business program at the South Carolina Moore School sends two of its top students to Oxford, for two terms.

August Jobs: Bad Public Policy May Crush Employment Gains

The report released this morning by the U.S. Department of Labor showed the August unemployment rate at 6.1 percent and the labor force participation rate languishing at 62.8 percent.

Tropical Storm Dolly Forms in The Gulf of Mexico

Rough surf and the risk of strong rip currents will spread from the northeastern Mexico coastline to the beaches of South Texas into Wednesday.

Hurricane Julio May Impact Hawaii Three Days After Iselle

According to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, 'Julio will be passing over cooler waters compared to Iselle and is forecast to weaken to a tropical storm before nearing Hawaii waters.'
saving women from men

Separation: Words From ‘The Lesbian Messiah’

King Nazir Muhammad, the Lesbian Messiah, wants to convert all women to lesbians because women are in grave danger being with men.

Iranian Political Prisoner at Imminent Danger of Criminal Execution

Mr. Gholamreza Khossravi, 49, from the city of Abadan, father of a child and a welder, was condemned to death on the mullahs' fabricated charge of 'Moharebeh' (enmity towards God) on April 21, 2012.

Supreme Court Rejects New Appeal For Concealed Carry Permits

Charles Nichols, President of California Right To Carry seeks to overturn California's 1967 ban on openly carrying loaded firearms in public as well as two recently enacted bans.

Barbaric Attack on Iran’s Political Prisoners Draws Condemnation

Entering the prison under the guise of inspection, the prisoners were brutally set upon by the security forces. A number of the prisoners were severely wounded and suffered severe bleeding and broken bones in the head and ribs.

Four Questions Every Mother Asks Their Daughter About Dating

Before dating becomes a possibility, before the 'first kiss, there are four questions every mother and father should ask their daughter.

IPCDA Strongly Condemns Fourth Deadly Attack on Camp Liberty

It is shameful that at a time when the US and British governments and the United Nations are duty bound to protect these civilians a further murderous attack has taken place.

Travel in Jeopardy During Christmas Holiday

By Monday, most of the direct effects from the storm will diminish, and travel conditions will improve over the Central and Eastern states.

US and UN Turning a Deaf Ear to Camp Ashraf Tragedy?

People are dying in what is known as an unprecedented hunger stike of men, women youth, housewives, office workers, laborer from all social walks of life, against being used as bait in a deal with the Iranian regime best known for rights collectiv

Can Rastriya Prajatantra Party Rule Nepal?

Barrister Ben Stone looks at the situation of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party in Nepal, and the possibility it could demand the Deputy Prime Minister position.