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John Child is The NewsBlaze Nepal Correspondent, a journalist in Kathmandu who writes about goings-on in and around Nepal and her neighbors.

Calling All Bluffs in Nepal

Has Nepal's President Yadav taken steps towards resolving the country's political deadlock? PM Bhatterai said that he intends to be prime minister for the next decade.

Running Out of Time in Nepal

The situation is dire: Nepal is approaching a cliff that makes the US budget crisis look mild. Is it true that Nepal is running out of time?

Infographic: Nepal’s Maoist Army Melts Away, 2006 to 2012

Where have all the maoists gone, nearly half retire; similar number AWOL, fewer than five percent to join Nepal Army

Squandered Opportunity for The Nepali Congress Party

The leaders' lust for the prime minister's chair is bad for Nepal, and it is also going to cost the party dearly in the future.

Factionalism Remains Nepal’s Largest Problem

All Nepal's constitutional issues are less important to the Congress leadership than who gets tipped to be the next prime minister.

Closure of Nepal Airlines Will Save Money and Cut Corruption

Rather than spending $125 million now on Nepal Airlines, this is an opportune time to scrap it entirely. Internationally, NAC wouldn't be missed.

Federalism and Ethnicity Issues Critical to Nepal

Federalism of some sort is certain, but its nature - ethnic or geographical - and the details of how to carve out states are not yet agreed.

No Everest Ascents Yet This Season

This month normally offers the best weather for climbing the world's tallest mountain, and during the last decade, scores of people have made it to the top each year in May. In all more than 4,300 have climbed since 1953.

Is Kathmandu Nepal Safer Than Your City?

The answer is probably 'yes.' Statistics for last year in Kathmandu show an incidence of serious crime far lower than in the United States.

PLA Numbers Dwindle as Integration with Nepal Army Nears

Of the three thousand-plus Maoist soldiers still pending integration, some will not pass the recruitment testing.

Nepal Exports Labor at Record Pace

Construction jobs dominate, but Nepalis also work in hotels, restaurants, retail shops and in some cases on cruise ships. Wages typically are low, less than $1,000 per month, but that is much more than the same sorts of jobs pay in Nepal.

Nepal Maoists Disagree About War’s End at Anniversary Rallies

The monarchy is gone, and the Maoists took more votes in the subsequent election than any other party. But they promised their fighters, the paramilitary cadres, and party supporters much more than that.

Nepal Maoists Overdrew and Underpaid

Nepal's Maoist army left the field and took up residence in cantonments under terms of the 2006 peace agreement. Each combatant has received a salary from the government since then, drawn by the Maoist party.

Political Ministers Tarnish Reputation of Nepali Prime Minister

In a heavy handed attempt to curry favor with the press, Health Minister Rajendra Mahato distributed greeting cards for the Dashain holiday to several dozen reporters. Recipients found cash in the cards - from $40 to $100 in each case. Three of the

Nepal Maoists Prepare for Revolution – Against Themselves

Factional in-fighting in the Maoist party is at an all-time high as hardliners talk publicly of revolt against Maoist Prime Minister Baburam Bhatterai.

Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Northern India Get an ‘Earthquake Warning’

John Child, the NewsBlaze correspondent in Kathmandu reports that Kathmandu felt the earthquake centered in Sikkim. Kathmandu is around 280km west of the Sikkim border and this quake was a warning of things to come.

Nepali Civil Servant Sacked for Competence

Paudyal was exceptionally good at his job. His previous boss, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, who is currently DPM and Foreign Minister, decried the transfer, calling him 'one of the best secretaries.'

Nepal Fears a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Even the number of missing people is uncertain: The Nepal Red Cross makes the total as 1,383; a prominent Nepal human-rights NGO, INSEC, lists 930; and Nepal's National Human Rights Commission counts 835 people as disappeared.

Nepal’s Curious Lumbini Imbroglio

Money has poured into Lumbini, but there is little to show for it. Minor archaeological work was followed by the construction of a hideous cement temple at the site.

Nepal’s Maoists Reshuffle Leadership Posts

The process of writing a new constitution has been grinding on at snail's pace for more than three years, and the deadline for promulgation has been extended twice. Previously that has been largely caused by bickering between the parties.