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John Child is The NewsBlaze Nepal Correspondent, a journalist in Kathmandu who writes about goings-on in and around Nepal and her neighbors.

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Charity Aids Nepal Earthquake Recovery to Support Educational Goals

Empower Nepali Girls NGO switches focus to support devastated communities in Nepal, after the recent earthquakes, changing the lives of hundreds of Nepali.
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Nepal’s Earthquake – What Happened And Why

Here is what caused the magnitude 7.8 earthquake and scores of aftershocks in Nepal and surrounding areas, moving the affected area 10 feet south and three feet higher.
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Nepal’s Earthquake – Day 10 Update

John Child reports an update on day 10 after a massive earthquake hit Nepal and surrounding countries. Good work by locals and others contrasts government incompetence.

Turkish Airlines Crashes on Landing in Kathmandu, Nepal

Turkish Airlines flight 726 missed the runway while attempting to land at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. The front landing gear collapsed and the plane skidded.
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Nepal Airlines’ Brand New White Elephants

Insurance for Chinese planes costs more than they earn: Airline officials say the MA60 nets $1,500 per day operation but they pay almost $2,500 insurance per day.
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Why Consensus Doesn’t Work in Nepal

Compromise is important for a democracy. It would have been a far better word to adopt as a first political principle, and it is sorely needed in Nepal now.
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Kathmandu SAARC Summit Salvaged, Barely, By a Handshake

Low expectations for the meeting between eight South-Asian SAARC heads of state in Kathmandu last week, and the pessimism was justified.
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SAARC Meets in Nepal – What is It? – And What...

Reporting on the SAARC meeting, John Child says mutual mistrust and pervasive corruption and inefficiency common SAARC states will limit what can be accomplished.

As Nepal Edges Towards New Constitution, Opposition Parties Struggle for Relevance

Nepalis are pessimistic about a new constitution being completed, and political players are more interested in their own power than getting anything done.
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Lessons to Learn From Nepal’s Mountain Tragedy

John Child in Kathmandu looks at three things Nepal can do to improve their handling of weather events and the aftermath of disasters when they happen.

Nepal’s Last King Hospitalized After Heart Attack

Gyanendra Shah, the last king of Nepal, after living as a private citizen outside the capital in a former royal hunting lodge, is in intensive care in hospital.
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US Army, Peace Corps Arrive in Nepal

John Child says new US Peace Corps volunteers have arrived in Nepal. After training they go to the west. US Military medics also arrived for a first aid exercise.

Countdown To A New Constitution For Nepal

John Child says although the countdown to a new constitution has started, the likelihood of getting a constitution at all next year, is very low.
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Running the Mount Everest Marathon for Charity

John Child reports on the 26.2 mile Everest Marathon that starts next to Mount Everest Base Camp, at 17,000 feet, and finishes 26.2 miles later at Namche Bazaar

Nepal Celebrates the Buddha’s Birth: Noble Truths

John Child says Buddhists around the world celebrate the 2,558th anniversary of the birth of the Buddha this Wednesday. In Kathmandu preparations are already on.
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Nepal Sherpas Have Mixed Reactions to Everest Accident

John Child reports that with over 100 foreign climbers in Everest Base Camp and more scheduled, the government wants to salvage this climbing season.
lotshampa bhutanese refugees in beldangi camp. Alemaugil, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

75,000 Bhutanese Refugees Resettled to the US

John Child reports resettlement of 75,000 Bhutanese refugees to the US. They receive assistance in their first year and are eligible for a green card after two years.
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Nepal’s Horse Festival Has Deep Cultural Roots

Keschandra decided to solve this problem and prepared a huge party for Gurumapa. Sated by a feast of rice and meat, Gurumapa agreed to leave Itum Bahal and live at the parade ground east of the city.
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Nepal to Extend Earth Hour Indefinitely

NewsBlaze Correspondent, John Child, reports from Kathmandu that Nepal will lead the world by extending earth hour, to save the planet.

Nepal Should Legalize Marijuana

John Child says Nepal's finances could be greatly enhanced if the government legalized marijuana, removing the ban forced on them by the international community in 1973