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John Child is The NewsBlaze Nepal Correspondent, a journalist in Kathmandu who writes about goings-on in and around Nepal and her neighbors.

forming government in nepal

Political Bickering Still Prevalent in Nepal

Then the second-largest party in the new Assembly, the UML, demanded a new election to the presidency. The interim constitution doesn't have provision for a second assembly election because he first assembly was supposed to have written a new const
nepal gold

Nepal Confiscates Millions in Smuggled Gold

John Child says the cops grabbed more than 115 pounds of illegal gold last year, a haul of well over $2 million, but this is likely to be a small fraction of the illegal trade.

Nepal Votes 2013 – A Photo Essay

Nepalis voted Tuesday for a new Constituent Assembly body that will write a new constitution for the nation and also serve as an interim parliament. Scenes from the vote in the Kathmandu Valley.
mohan baidya

Election Opponents’ Protests Fizzle in Nepal

Support for the hardline faction is fading daily as it becomes manifest that their agenda is out of touch with that of the Nepali people.

Nepal’s Election Campaign is Full of Empty Promises

The wild promises of the country's would-be leaders will go unimplemented, to the surprise of no one in the increasingly cynical and frustrated electorate.
nepal asset losses

State-Owned Enterprises Drain Nepal’s Coffers

State-owned enterprises generally are inefficient and wasteful, since they can operate without regard to market forces. Nepal Airlines and Nepal Oil Corporation are two.
nepal students paint for heritage

Nepal Students Paint for Heritage

As one would expect, the artistic merit of the works varies, but even those by the youngest students reflect their love of their country and heritage.
revolutionary students union nepal

Radical Students in Nepal Protest Expected US Attack on Syria

A group of the Nepal Revolutionary Students Union demonstrated in sympathy with the anti-imperialist state of Syria but knew little about the country or chemical weapons
kanchenjunga area

Nepal Opens New Mountaineering Options

Tshering Sherpa of the Nepal Mountaineering Association said that the new routes will bring new challenges to veteran climbers and light up the imaginations of youth.
Nepalis Worshipping at Khumbeshwor temple on Janai Purnima

Nepal’s Surprising Development Progress

Nepalis can be proud of the progress made so far, but they must also hold the next government accountable to continue and accelerate the process.

Nepal Anti-Corruption Chief Tackles the Civil Service

While judgment about Karki's ultimate effectiveness (and a court decision) await, concerns over his appointment have been ameliorated by relief at having the anti-corruption agency back in action.

Nepal’s November Election Surprise

In the spring poll over half of respondents chose nothing, in preference to any parties. If those options had been offered this week there is no reason to think results would be different.
Daniel Hughes broadcasts first video from Mt Everest

Everest Records Set as Nepal Celebrates 60th Anniversary of First Ascent

Nepal celebrates the diamond anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest. Many summiteers and record holders will attend, but not the first men to reach the top, Tenzing Norgay died in 1986 and Edmund Hillary died in 2008.
Daniel Hughes broadcasts first video from Mt Everest

Mount Everest Phone Call ‘Illegal’ Says Nepal Government

The government will want this story to go away quickly, lest it be seen as persecuting a mountaineer who was raising money for charity...
FacesLounge PilgrimsBookHouse fire

Landmark Kathmandu Bookstore Gutted by Fire

Tiwari named his first bookstall Pilgrims because of his interest in spiritual books, and, he said, because we are all pilgrims.
mount everest

Three Climbers Head Home After Mount Everest Brawl

Nepal's flourishing tourism industry receives a black eye from an ugly incident between Sherpas and foreign climbers.

Time to Close Nepal Airlines

For the last year they have not flown to Delhi at all, despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on a New Delhi office. That too will now close.

Ethical Failure in Nepal Election Government’s Appointments

Less welcome though has been the interim government's appointments to long-vacant civil service posts including the Public Service Commission, the Auditor General, and especially the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority.

No Truth, No Justice in Nepal

Truth and justice are fine concepts, but in Nepal, when those in charge are threatened with criminal action, blackmail and coverup are more effective.

The Chicken War in Nepal

When international food chains KFC and Pizza Hut opened in a high-profile location in Kathmandu three years ago, they were a big hit. Nepalis flocked to the outlets, waiting in long lines to eat there.