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John Child

John Child is The NewsBlaze Nepal Correspondent, a journalist in Kathmandu who writes about goings-on in and around Nepal and her neighbors.

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Charity Aids Nepal Earthquake Recovery to Support Educational Goals
Empower Nepali Girls NGO switches focus to support devastated communities in Nepal, after the recent earthquakes, changing the lives of hundreds of Nepali.
05:55 May 27, 2015 PST
Nepal's Earthquake - What Happened And Why
Here is what caused the magnitude 7.8 earthquake and scores of aftershocks in Nepal and surrounding areas, moving the affected area 10 feet south and three feet higher.
06:57 May 5, 2015 PST
Nepal's Earthquake - Day 10 Update
John Child reports an update on day 10 after a massive earthquake hit Nepal and surrounding countries. Good work by locals and others contrasts government incompetence.
04:35 May 5, 2015 PST
Turkish Airlines Crashes on Landing in Kathmandu, Nepal
Turkish Airlines flight 726 missed the runway while attempting to land at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. The front landing gear collapsed and the plane skidded.
03:02 Mar 4, 2015 PST
Nepal Airlines' Brand New White Elephants
Insurance for Chinese planes costs more than they earn: Airline officials say the MA60 nets $1,500 per day operation but they pay almost $2,500 insurance per day.
12:00 Feb 24, 2015 PST
Why Consensus Doesn't Work in Nepal
Compromise is important for a democracy. It would have been a far better word to adopt as a first political principle, and it is sorely needed in Nepal now.
21:03 Jan 15, 2015 PST
Kathmandu SAARC Summit Salvaged, Barely, By a Handshake
Low expectations for the meeting between eight South-Asian SAARC heads of state in Kathmandu last week, and the pessimism was justified.
02:22 Dec 3, 2014 PST
SAARC Meets in Nepal - What is It? - And What to Expect
Reporting on the SAARC meeting, John Child says mutual mistrust and pervasive corruption and inefficiency common SAARC states will limit what can be accomplished.
04:35 Nov 24, 2014 PST
As Nepal Edges Towards New Constitution, Opposition Parties Struggle for Relevance
Nepalis are pessimistic about a new constitution being completed, and political players are more interested in their own power than getting anything done.
02:57 Oct 29, 2014 PST
Lessons to Learn From Nepal's Mountain Tragedy
John Child in Kathmandu looks at three things Nepal can do to improve their handling of weather events and the aftermath of disasters when they happen.
04:07 Oct 22, 2014 PST
Nepal's Last King Hospitalized After Heart Attack
Gyanendra Shah, the last king of Nepal, after living as a private citizen outside the capital in a former royal hunting lodge, is in intensive care in hospital.
15:17 Sep 21, 2014 PST
US Army, Peace Corps Arrive in Nepal
John Child says new US Peace Corps volunteers have arrived in Nepal. After training they go to the west. US Military medics also arrived for a first aid exercise.
05:52 Sep 8, 2014 PST
Countdown To A New Constitution For Nepal
John Child says although the countdown to a new constitution has started, the likelihood of getting a constitution at all next year, is very low.
06:27 Jul 24, 2014 PST
Running the Mount Everest Marathon for Charity
John Child reports on the 26.2 mile Everest Marathon that starts next to Mount Everest Base Camp, at 17,000 feet, and finishes 26.2 miles later at Namche Bazaar
19:12 May 21, 2014 PST
Nepal Celebrates the Buddha's Birth: Noble Truths
John Child says Buddhists around the world celebrate the 2,558th anniversary of the birth of the Buddha this Wednesday. In Kathmandu preparations are already on.
10:33 May 12, 2014 PST
Nepal Sherpas Have Mixed Reactions to Everest Accident
John Child reports that with over 100 foreign climbers in Everest Base Camp and more scheduled, the government wants to salvage this climbing season.
16:30 Apr 26, 2014 PST
75,000 Bhutanese Refugees Resettled to the US
John Child reports resettlement of 75,000 Bhutanese refugees to the US. They receive assistance in their first year and are eligible for a green card after two years.
01:38 Apr 20, 2014 PST
Nepal's Horse Festival Has Deep Cultural Roots
Keschandra decided to solve this problem and prepared a huge party for Gurumapa. Sated by a feast of rice and meat, Gurumapa agreed to leave Itum Bahal and live at the parade ground east of the city.
04:39 Apr 2, 2014 PST
Nepal to Extend Earth Hour Indefinitely
NewsBlaze Correspondent, John Child, reports from Kathmandu that Nepal will lead the world by extending earth hour, to save the planet.
03:56 Mar 31, 2014 PST
Nepal Should Legalize Marijuana
John Child says Nepal's finances could be greatly enhanced if the government legalized marijuana, removing the ban forced on them by the international community in 1973
03:40 Feb 26, 2014 PST
Political Bickering Still Prevalent in Nepal
Then the second-largest party in the new Assembly, the UML, demanded a new election to the presidency. The interim constitution doesn't have provision for a second assembly election because he first assembly was supposed to have written a new const
06:06 Jan 18, 2014 PST
Nepal Confiscates Millions in Smuggled Gold
John Child says the cops grabbed more than 115 pounds of illegal gold last year, a haul of well over $2 million, but this is likely to be a small fraction of the illegal trade.
14:29 Jan 16, 2014 PST
Nepal Votes 2013 - A Photo Essay
Nepalis voted Tuesday for a new Constituent Assembly body that will write a new constitution for the nation and also serve as an interim parliament. Scenes from the vote in the Kathmandu Valley.
00:02 Nov 20, 2013 PST
Election Opponents' Protests Fizzle in Nepal
Support for the hardline faction is fading daily as it becomes manifest that their agenda is out of touch with that of the Nepali people.
03:17 Nov 15, 2013 PST
Nepal's Election Campaign is Full of Empty Promises
The wild promises of the country's would-be leaders will go unimplemented, to the surprise of no one in the increasingly cynical and frustrated electorate.
13:00 Nov 9, 2013 PST
State-Owned Enterprises Drain Nepal's Coffers
State-owned enterprises generally are inefficient and wasteful, since they can operate without regard to market forces. Nepal Airlines and Nepal Oil Corporation are two.
22:01 Oct 3, 2013 PST
Nepal Students Paint for Heritage
As one would expect, the artistic merit of the works varies, but even those by the youngest students reflect their love of their country and heritage.
05:45 Sep 26, 2013 PST
Radical Students in Nepal Protest Expected US Attack on Syria
A group of the Nepal Revolutionary Students Union demonstrated in sympathy with the anti-imperialist state of Syria but knew little about the country or chemical weapons
05:35 Sep 4, 2013 PST
Nepal Opens New Mountaineering Options
Tshering Sherpa of the Nepal Mountaineering Association said that the new routes will bring new challenges to veteran climbers and light up the imaginations of youth.
18:30 Aug 21, 2013 PST
Nepal's Surprising Development Progress
Nepalis can be proud of the progress made so far, but they must also hold the next government accountable to continue and accelerate the process.
15:23 Aug 18, 2013 PST
Nepal Anti-Corruption Chief Tackles the Civil Service
While judgment about Karki's ultimate effectiveness (and a court decision) await, concerns over his appointment have been ameliorated by relief at having the anti-corruption agency back in action.
19:24 Jul 8, 2013 PST
Nepal's November Election Surprise
In the spring poll over half of respondents chose nothing, in preference to any parties. If those options had been offered this week there is no reason to think results would be different.
10:49 Jul 5, 2013 PST
Everest Records Set as Nepal Celebrates 60th Anniversary of First Ascent
Nepal celebrates the diamond anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest. Many summiteers and record holders will attend, but not the first men to reach the top, Tenzing Norgay died in 1986 and Edmund Hillary died in 2008.
02:22 May 29, 2013 PST
Mount Everest Phone Call 'Illegal' Says Nepal Government
The government will want this story to go away quickly, lest it be seen as persecuting a mountaineer who was raising money for charity...
23:01 May 23, 2013 PST
Landmark Kathmandu Bookstore Gutted by Fire
Tiwari named his first bookstall Pilgrims because of his interest in spiritual books, and, he said, because we are all pilgrims.
06:45 May 18, 2013 PST
Three Climbers Head Home After Mount Everest Brawl
Nepal's flourishing tourism industry receives a black eye from an ugly incident between Sherpas and foreign climbers.
07:14 May 9, 2013 PST
Time to Close Nepal Airlines
For the last year they have not flown to Delhi at all, despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on a New Delhi office. That too will now close.
20:40 Mar 25, 2013 PST
Ethical Failure in Nepal Election Government's Appointments
Less welcome though has been the interim government's appointments to long-vacant civil service posts including the Public Service Commission, the Auditor General, and especially the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority.
07:34 Mar 23, 2013 PST
No Truth, No Justice in Nepal
Truth and justice are fine concepts, but in Nepal, when those in charge are threatened with criminal action, blackmail and coverup are more effective.
06:51 Jan 27, 2013 PST
The Chicken War in Nepal
When international food chains KFC and Pizza Hut opened in a high-profile location in Kathmandu three years ago, they were a big hit. Nepalis flocked to the outlets, waiting in long lines to eat there.
11:32 Dec 17, 2012 PST
Calling All Bluffs in Nepal
Has Nepal's President Yadav taken steps towards resolving the country's political deadlock? PM Bhatterai said that he intends to be prime minister for the next decade.
11:06 Nov 25, 2012 PST
Running Out of Time in Nepal
The situation is dire: Nepal is approaching a cliff that makes the US budget crisis look mild. Is it true that Nepal is running out of time?
15:00 Nov 23, 2012 PST
Infographic: Nepal's Maoist Army Melts Away, 2006 to 2012
Where have all the maoists gone, nearly half retire; similar number AWOL, fewer than five percent to join Nepal Army
08:35 Sep 23, 2012 PST
Squandered Opportunity for The Nepali Congress Party
The leaders' lust for the prime minister's chair is bad for Nepal, and it is also going to cost the party dearly in the future.
14:05 Sep 9, 2012 PST
Factionalism Remains Nepal's Largest Problem
All Nepal's constitutional issues are less important to the Congress leadership than who gets tipped to be the next prime minister.
11:23 Sep 6, 2012 PST
Closure of Nepal Airlines Will Save Money and Cut Corruption
Rather than spending $125 million now on Nepal Airlines, this is an opportune time to scrap it entirely. Internationally, NAC wouldn't be missed.
06:13 Aug 23, 2012 PST
Federalism and Ethnicity Issues Critical to Nepal
Federalism of some sort is certain, but its nature - ethnic or geographical - and the details of how to carve out states are not yet agreed.
07:42 May 14, 2012 PST
No Everest Ascents Yet This Season
This month normally offers the best weather for climbing the world's tallest mountain, and during the last decade, scores of people have made it to the top each year in May. In all more than 4,300 have climbed since 1953.
06:50 May 13, 2012 PST
Is Kathmandu Nepal Safer Than Your City?
The answer is probably 'yes.' Statistics for last year in Kathmandu show an incidence of serious crime far lower than in the United States.
10:17 Apr 20, 2012 PST
PLA Numbers Dwindle as Integration with Nepal Army Nears
Of the three thousand-plus Maoist soldiers still pending integration, some will not pass the recruitment testing.
08:02 Apr 19, 2012 PST
New Commission to Control Corruption in Nepal
'Corruption is the number one issue for most Nepalis,' commission spokesman Kalti Bahadur Dhiki said. 'Here we are doing something visible about it.'
11:15 Mar 31, 2012 PST
Nepal Exports Labor at Record Pace
Construction jobs dominate, but Nepalis also work in hotels, restaurants, retail shops and in some cases on cruise ships. Wages typically are low, less than $1,000 per month, but that is much more than the same sorts of jobs pay in Nepal.
10:53 Mar 26, 2012 PST
Nepal Maoists Disagree About War's End at Anniversary Rallies
The monarchy is gone, and the Maoists took more votes in the subsequent election than any other party. But they promised their fighters, the paramilitary cadres, and party supporters much more than that.
20:12 Feb 14, 2012 PST
Nepal Maoists Overdrew and Underpaid
Nepal's Maoist army left the field and took up residence in cantonments under terms of the 2006 peace agreement. Each combatant has received a salary from the government since then, drawn by the Maoist party.
08:27 Dec 12, 2011 PST
Political Ministers Tarnish Reputation of Nepali Prime Minister
In a heavy handed attempt to curry favor with the press, Health Minister Rajendra Mahato distributed greeting cards for the Dashain holiday to several dozen reporters. Recipients found cash in the cards - from $40 to $100 in each case. Three of the
07:20 Oct 16, 2011 PST
Nepal Maoists Prepare for Revolution - Against Themselves
Factional in-fighting in the Maoist party is at an all-time high as hardliners talk publicly of revolt against Maoist Prime Minister Baburam Bhatterai.
12:25 Oct 5, 2011 PST
Nepali Civil Servant Sacked for Competence
Paudyal was exceptionally good at his job. His previous boss, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, who is currently DPM and Foreign Minister, decried the transfer, calling him 'one of the best secretaries.'
06:10 Sep 18, 2011 PST
Nepal Fears a Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Even the number of missing people is uncertain: The Nepal Red Cross makes the total as 1,383; a prominent Nepal human-rights NGO, INSEC, lists 930; and Nepal's National Human Rights Commission counts 835 people as disappeared.
10:21 Sep 12, 2011 PST
Nepal's Curious Lumbini Imbroglio
Money has poured into Lumbini, but there is little to show for it. Minor archaeological work was followed by the construction of a hideous cement temple at the site.
06:27 Aug 30, 2011 PST
Nepal's Maoists Reshuffle Leadership Posts
The process of writing a new constitution has been grinding on at snail's pace for more than three years, and the deadline for promulgation has been extended twice. Previously that has been largely caused by bickering between the parties.
07:42 Jul 25, 2011 PST
Nepal's Political Factionalism Affects Labor Relations
Infighting between and within Nepal's political parties has spilled over into labor union negotiations. In Nepal all unions are affiliated with a political party or, in the case of the Maoist-affiliated unions, a faction of a party.
16:50 Jul 20, 2011 PST
Nepal Celebrates The Buddha's Birth: Orange Moon
As the orange full moon of May rose over Nepal Monday night, the country's Buddhists began to celebrate Buddha Jayanti, the commemoration of his birth.
07:10 May 17, 2011 PST
Public Cynicism May Spell End of Nepal's Constituent Assembly
Fresh elections may not solve the country's problems though. The same poll suggests that Nepalis place little faith in any of the parties. Congress garners support from 22 percent of respondents, the Maoists from 20 percent, and the UML from just o
11:39 May 16, 2011 PST
'Super-Sherpa' Apa Climbs Everest for 21st Time
Apa and the other record holders are all members of the Sherpa ethnic group, who live in the high Himalayas of Nepal and are closely related to Tibetans.
10:13 May 14, 2011 PST
Nepal MPs Take Turns To Block Action
Different interests within the legislature use this tactic, a 'gherao,' or 'surrounding' of the speaker's microphone for many purposes. So far at least the Assembly's rules do not permit their removal. Occasionally the Speaker of the Assembly
07:11 May 9, 2011 PST
Child Marriage Continues in Nepal
The legal age of marriage in Nepal is 18, but a 2008 report from the Family Planning Association of Nepal estimated that 60 percent of Nepali girls marry before that age.
13:49 May 3, 2011 PST
Nepal Needs Neither NOC nor NAC
How does a monopoly provider of an essential commodity lose over $80 million per year? And how can a once-dominant company be struggling to hold a ten percent share in its business?
14:07 Apr 27, 2011 PST
Nepal to Adjust Calendar for New Constitution
Some foreign embassies questioned the practicality of the move, but a combined statement from European legations acknowledged that Nepal's official Bikram Sambat calendar, used nowhere else in the world, was...
16:02 Mar 31, 2011 PST
Corruption Conviction in Nepal, Finally
On Thursday court officials served the judgment on Wagle at his home, but he refused to give himself up to them. The officials then summoned police, who took Wagle to Dilli Bazaar Prison in Kathmandu.
11:32 Mar 18, 2011 PST
Colors and Rituals Mark Holi in Nepal
The week-long Hindu festival of Holi got underway Monday with the erection of the 'Chir,' a tall pole topped with colored fabric streamers, in Kathmandu's old palace square.
11:21 Mar 15, 2011 PST
Nepal's Linguistic Heritage
Fortunately those are not the opening lines for a novel. But the seven Nepali words in those three sentences all have something in common: Do you know what it is?
13:22 Jan 27, 2011 PST
Nepal and Federalist 10
Madison's conclusion was that the only workable way to resolve factional disputes is representative democracy. His prescription for Nepal's prime-ministerial impasse would be simple...
12:15 Jan 22, 2011 PST
Nepal's Clown Prince At It Again
The story rings true based on the ex-prince's past behavior. Prior to the June 2001 massacre in which King Birendra and most of his family died, the palace was able to keep most of Paras' antics out of the media.
13:49 Dec 15, 2010 PST
Nepal's Telecomms Industry A Success Story
'Name one thing that has gone right since 1990,' challenged my pro-monarchy friend. He ticked off an impressive list of things that haven't: traffic chaos, water shortages, load shedding and more. But I had an answer for him...
07:37 Nov 15, 2010 PST
30,000 Bhutanese Refugees from Nepal Now Resettled in US
Resettlement of ethnically-Nepali refugees from Bhutan to the US has reached the halfway mark according to US officials and a report from Nepal's Home Ministry.
08:52 Oct 26, 2010 PST
Nepali Goats and Brahmans
A Brahman was preparing to sacrifice a goat to the goddess Durga. He raised his khukuri knife and pulled the goat's head back to expose the neck.
05:33 Oct 21, 2010 PST
Nepal Celebrates World Tourism Day and Looks Ahead to 2011
Passengers on the first flight to arrive in Kathmandu Monday were met by officials and a panchakanya, five girls dressed in traditional outfits who put silk scarves and garlands of marigolds around the visitors' necks, as Nepal's tourism bureau an
09:05 Sep 27, 2010 PST
How Nepal's Political Standoff Will End
It has been six weeks since Prime Minister M. K. Nepal resigned, and Nepal's Constituent Assembly today postponed indefinitely a fifth attempt to elect a replacement to the post
08:43 Aug 18, 2010 PST
Armies Left and Right Defy Justice in Nepal
A Nepal Army major and a Maoist Peoples' Liberation Army brigade commander remain on the job despite arrest warrants issued against them, and there is no indication that either will ever be brought to court.
08:31 Aug 7, 2010 PST
Sitting Here in Limbo - Nepal's PM Elections Fail
Each of the three major parties - the ex-rebel Maoists, the center-left UML, and the center-right Nepali Congress - fielded its own candidate for the race.
09:14 Jul 21, 2010 PST
Frustration in Nepal Turns Into Anti-Maoist Demonstrations
Frustration in Nepal Turns Into Anti-Maoist Demonstrations; Ultimatum From the International Community
08:06 May 8, 2010 PST
The Coming Constitutional Crash in Nepal
To further the effort, they have called a massive rally in Kathmandu for May Day. All over the country thousands of Maoist cadres are being trained for the event.
08:35 Apr 26, 2010 PST
Office Pool Nepal - 2067
2066 was a year of stagnation in Nepal. No matter how pessimistic you were a year ago, could you have imagined that the country's leaders would have let a whole year go by without doing anything at all about development.
06:15 Apr 16, 2010 PST
New Dam in Nepal to Boost Electricity Production, Resolve Political Problems
The government of Nepal has announced that it will dam the Bagmati river outflow from the Kathmandu Valley in a move to generate electricity and eliminate massive power cuts that have damaged the country's economy in recent years.
14:11 Mar 31, 2010 PST
Nepal to Participate in Earth Hour Unwittingly
Nepal will join in Earth Hour Saturday night to mark concern about climate change. For most Nepalis, however, the participation will be involuntary.
09:46 Mar 27, 2010 PST
Koirala's Death Leaves Major Hole in Nepal's Peace Process
Whether you admired Girija Prasad Koirala or not, you had to admit that he had stature for beyond the rest of Nepal's political leaders.
08:36 Mar 20, 2010 PST
Nepal's New Constitution Will Not Be Written on Time
With just 10 weeks remaining in the term of the Constituent Assembly, the body charged primarily with writing a new constitution, it is clear the assembly will fail to deliver on time.
09:24 Mar 18, 2010 PST
Three Anniversaries for Tibetans in Nepal
Wednesday is the first of three anniversaries that Tibetans outside their homeland will celebrate this month. Tibetans in Nepal will mark them carefully, however.
05:18 Mar 11, 2010 PST
Nepal's Electricity Woes
Today my neighborhood will have electricity from 12:00 to 2:00 and then from 7 p.m. until midnight. The scheduled outages, called 'load shedding' in Nepal, are a regular part of winter here.
06:13 Feb 19, 2010 PST
Legalize Ganja for Nepal Tourism Year 2011
It draws half a million worshippers and thousands of sadhus, India's mendicant pilgrims who wander the Subcontinent from holy site to holy site and live on the offerings of the pious.
10:57 Jan 30, 2010 PST
Nepal Army Snubs Supreme Court
Nepal's Supreme Court on Sunday ordered the Army to stay the promotion of General Toran Singh to second-in-command. The Army appears ready to defy the order.
05:33 Jan 5, 2010 PST
A Protest a Day Keeps Progress Away in Nepal
Nepal celebrated New Year's Day with a nationwide banda, a forced closure of businesses and roads. That's no surprise: Every day there are bandas, transport strikes, labor actions and disruptive protests throughout the country.
22:04 Jan 4, 2010 PST
Nepal Thumbs Nose at Human Rights
Major Niranjan Basnet, the Nepal Army officer implicated in the death of 15-year-old Maina Sunuwar in 2004 while in Army custody, will not be presented for civilian trial, an Army spokesman said Wednesday.
11:34 Dec 25, 2009 PST
Nepal Officer in Custody - Justice for Maina Sunuwar ... Maybe
Major Niranjan Basnet, a senior officer implicated in the 2004 death of Maina Sunuwar in a Nepal Army camp after interrogation, is in Army custody after his return from Chad
10:11 Dec 14, 2009 PST
Kailali Fiasco Fits The Formula of Nepal Maoists
Ever since Nepal's Maoist-led government resigned on May fourth after its attempt to sack the army chief of staff was blocked by the president, they have assumed the role of destructive opposition.
11:39 Dec 6, 2009 PST
Crunch Time for the Opposition in Nepal
Since Prachanda resigned, the Maoists have been a destructive opposition, trying to render the country ungovernable in hopes of returning to power.
11:07 Oct 16, 2009 PST
Bhutan's Amazing Festivals
Visiting Bhutan is an otherworldly experience. The last Himalayan Shangri-La opened its doors to tourism in 1974, and even today only a few thousand people each year are granted visas.
08:25 Oct 12, 2009 PST
Showdown in the Nepali Congress Party
Eighty-four year old Girija Koirala is called, only partly in jest, 'the uncrowned king' because of his vast influence in Nepali politics.
07:19 Sep 11, 2009 PST
Dialect Dialectic in Nepal
The squabble in Nepal over the vice president's oath has gotten messier as leaders consider invoking a provision in the interim constitution that allows the cabinet and prime minister to reverse court decisions.
05:56 Aug 28, 2009 PST
Standoff in Nepal
The head of the UN mission to Nepal - the peacekeeping force supervising Maoist combatants and arms - is the latest senior official to question whether Nepal's new constitution can be finished by the deadline.
11:08 Aug 16, 2009 PST
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