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The Production Mela aims to engage rural artisans directly to buyers and even suppliers with a hope that it will provide a much needed break for some.
4 hours ago
State Agriculture and Panchayat and Rural development minister Rockybul Hussain said the 8 groups are: ULFA(I), NDFB(S), KPLT, KLO, HuM, MULTA, CPI(Maoist) and JMB(Module)
25 hours ago
Inhabitants of the locality claimed that a group of poachers equipped with sophisticated arms is active in the area and are poaching wild animals regularly for trading.
46 hours ago
Considerable progress has been made in different countries globally in protecting public health policy from tobacco industry interference, but certainly lot more work needs to be done.
3 days ago
Nepal is in the spotlight in the South Asian region for demonstrating high commitment to tobacco control and also acting on the ground.
3 days ago
WHO FCTC Article 19 sees a world where governments can protect people from harmful products like tobacco, and can recover the costs of treating tobacco-related disease from the tobacco industry
6 days ago
The locality is turning up to be a spitting image of the other notorious border townships of Bokajan, like Lahorijan and Khatkati.
7 days ago
Teeja Devi confronted all odds in male-dominated world of 'agriculture' where women despite doing most labour seldom get credit or recognition, and succeeded in making a mark!
7 days ago
While ploughing, a farmer in Assam heard the hard shell of the grenade, rifle and the ammunition against the metal end of the plough and the curious peasant dug up the area.
16:27 Mar 17, 2015
To end the activity, a cultural procession of all participating communities in their time-honoured clothing was held on the slopes of Taralango village where the epicentre of Karbi art and culture has been shaped.
03:41 Mar 17, 2015
Sikari Tisso, president of Karbi Lammet Amei, the highest forum of Karbi literature, opposes amalgamation of tribes with Assamese because they would lose their identity.
07:05 Mar 14, 2015
A statement by Congress MLA, Abdul Muhib Majumdar has been widely condemned as a breach of Indian citizens right to Justice and an infringement on the provision of Schedule 5 and 6.
00:37 Mar 14, 2015
Story of a champion woman farmer who stood against all odds and succeeded in not only establishing herself as a woman farmer in male-dominated agri-world, but also inspires many others.
05:49 Mar 13, 2015
Assam's government amended the Wildlife protection act, empowering the judiciary to award life to proven poachers and now forest officers and staff have more power.
05:19 Mar 9, 2015
Female stone statues (Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga/Kali) are worshipped in temples and religious rituals, many flesh and blood women face violence on the streets and in homes.
04:37 Mar 9, 2015
The minister said in Golaghat district, at least 136 people were killed and 166 injured in nine attacks since 1977. 19 were killed in 12 attacks between 1972 and 2013 in Sivsagar district.
04:37 Mar 9, 2015
An old man riding his bicycle to the market to take a bus was attacked and beheaded by a younger man carrying a sharp weapon, who then paraded the head around the market.
16:28 Mar 8, 2015
A new Divisional Forest Officer with a track record as a tough officer against illegal operations, helped recapture a convoy of trucks stealing timber.
14:30 Mar 8, 2015
Purna Kanta Nath veteran Assam journalist died on Friday, aged 74. He is the father of journalist Hemanta Kumar Nath, who carries on his father's tradition of work in news reporting.
05:47 Mar 8, 2015
Goalpara district ASP Rosie Kalita said the RNLA cadres and linkmen were arrested in the Bhogdabi, Guria and Zia areas under Krishnai police station.
15:27 Mar 7, 2015

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