Witch Hunt in Bengal, India

It has been reported that the government of West Bengal after a bomb explosion on 3rd April 2008 and death of three reportedly Bhutanese refugees arrested five people, including two girls in Siliguri in connection with the incident.

There has been witch hunting of Bhutanese refugees in the state especially in the North Bengal and Darjeeling Hill Council. Innocent refugees are being harassed and students studying in the schools and colleges are doubted and even arrested.

According to the report received on 12th May 2008, the following students studying in Kalimpong, Darjeeling Hill Council were arrested by the police on 11th May 2008 at 11A.M and their whereabouts is not known. Neither is the reason for their arrest. They were arrested without any warrant.

1. Ashok gurung studying in class X11 in Kamal Jyoti school

2. Kamal subba studying in class X11 in Kamal Jyoti school

3. Som Nath Rai studying in final year BA in Kalimpong college

The unwarranted action by the police of West Bengal is creating fear and trepidation in the minds of Bhutanese refugee students in the state of West Bengal and depriving them from pursuing their education.

An incident and the action of a few should not be generalized and victimize the innocent people. There are rumors that the West Bengal government is sweeping Bhutanese refugees from the state and the Hill council.

Of course, it is not meant that there should not be action on the culprits but action should be based on facts. The India Government has been always apathetic to the cause of Bhutanese refugees especially the Nepali speaking Bhutanese and this action has become one more reasons to believe that. Therefore, the Human Rights Organization Of Bhutan (HUROB) request you to immediately take urgent action for the release of the students, other prisoners and stop harassment of innocent refugees and write to;

1. The chief minister

Government of West Bengal

Writers Building, Kolkota

2. The prime Minister

Government of India

South Block, New Delhi

Please save the Bhutanese refugees from victimization and tortures of West Bengal police as they are already victims of tortures and discrimination by the Bhutanese regime. Thanking you for your kind support and solidarity.

Yours sincerely,



By S.B.Subba

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