US Drone Strike Kills Top Taliban Leaders in Afghanistan

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: A US drone strike launches five missiles on Thursday killing four commanders of a Mullah Nazir Group in South Waziristan Azam Warsak near the Pak-Afghan border, local sources said.

The dead commanders are members of the Maulvi Nazir faction of Pakistan’s Taliban, which is responsible for carrying out cross-border attacks from its stronghold in South Waziristan.

Four commanders killed in the US led drone attack were identified as Hazrat Omar, Nazir’s younger brother, Khan Mohammad, Miraj Wazir and Ashfaq Wazir.

The Mulah Nazir Group based in South Waziristan Wazir Tribe area carry out the bulk of their attacks in Afghanistan, however it is important to note that the group is based in Pakistan.

Nazir’s group of around 1,200 fighters is among the militants not opposed to the Pakistani state. Pakistan struck a deal with the faction in 2007 under which they would not harbor anti-government militants.

In exchange, the group will not be targeted by the military when offensive operations are carried out against the Pakistani Taliban.

Farooq Khan Masood is a freelance journalist, with experience in TV, radio, online and in print. He is based in Pakistan. Contact Farooq through NewsBlaze.