Two Assam Districts May Be Declared Maoist Affected Areas

Guwahati, December 1: Two districts of Assam are soon likely to be declared “maoist affected” areas by the Union government.

The Union minister of Rural Development, Jairam Ramesh, said in Guwahati on Saturday, that the maoist affected Dibrugarh and Tinsukia districts will be eligible for special benefits. This classification and the resulting benefits have previously been given to 82 other districts.

“Maoist activities rise in the district and it has become a trouble torn area,” Jairam Ramesh said.

Addressing a press conference, the Union minister said that, Dibrugarh and Tinsukia may soon join the list of maoist affected districts.

“For the development issue, a proposal has moved to the planning commission,” the Union minister said.

Delivering a satisfactory comment to the state government in rural development, Ramesh said that, 4500 km of rural roads will be built in the North eastern region.

“Government had built 13000 km of rural roads in the region at a cost of Rs 7100 cr in the past 11 years and is looking for more development in NE region,” Ramesh said.

In the presence of state government officials, the Union minister reviewed rural development programmes in Assam, which were implemented by the state government.

Hemanta Kumar Nath is a correspondent in Assam, India, who reports on local news in Assam, the north east Indian state.