Terrorism Unacceptable: King Gyanedra

Kathmandu, 11 April: His Majesty King Gyanendra said he is ready even now for a dialogue with all for the interest of the country, people and democracy, Nepal Samacharpatyra reports.

The King reminded he has repeatedly appealed to parties for a dialogue and understanding.

The King said this while granting an audience at Ratna Mandir Monday to 41 persons from various walks of life of the western region.

Editor Hari Lamsal of Rashtra Vaani. Hari Lamsal, who received an audience, said the King a dialogue and understanding between the government and parties will chart out a resolution of the country’s problems.

Lamsal quoted the King as saying: “The people desire peace and peace is the roadmap. There should be unity to attain it.”

In response to a question on the understanding between seven political parties and Maoists, the King said,” Terrorism in unacceptable. If anybody helps terrorism in any way, that is also unacceptable.”

Lamsal said, after returning from the audience, the King urged restraint and cautiousness for the country’s interest.

“Let’s all work together for this,” Lamsal quoted the King as saying.

The King urged freedom from entanglement in the conflict and to avoid a split.