Terror Plot Foiled in Pakistan

LAHORE: Police have foiled at least two terrorist’s plots on Saturday in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad and the tribal belt neighbouring city of Peshawar. According to Islamabad police officials, a suspected car was stopped and searched at Chatha Bakhtawar in Taramari Chowk by the police where heavy ammunitions and firearms were found inside.

Both suspects tried to flee the scene but were later apprehended by police and subsequently placed under arrest. Later during interrogation by police officials, the suspects stated that they were on their way to a house located in the jurisdiction of Shahzad Town police station. A police tactical unit raided the safe house and seized four suicide jackets, 107 shells, 14 rockets, 190 toxic injections as well as other heavy ammunition.

According to Binyamin, Inspector General of Islamabad Police Station, the arrested driver of the car is identified as Mohsin and he is in police custody at an undisclosed place along with his companion. The Inspector General told the media that a special police team recovered heavy ammunition including suicide jackets, shells, rockets and toxic injections from the house and they are now investigating the matter.

Peshawar police arrested several more suspects and have also recovered heavy ammunition. Imtiaz Altaf, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) in Peshawar, told the media that they had intelligence information about a car with heavy ammunition and explosive material. Police teams were working on the case to locate the car and suspects who were behind the plot. He said the police have arrested more suspects and recovered a large amount of ammunition and explosive material; however, he cannot disclose the identity of the arrested suspects as the police are still investigating the case.

According to a local news agency, the Peshawar police have recovered a rocket launcher, 2 rockets, 2 remote-control bombs, 16 batteries, 16 detonators and 8 kilograms of explosive material.