Surya Launches World’s best High Power Factor CFL Lamps

Surya Roshni, the second largest Lighting Company in India, has launched the World’s best PH+ Technology High Power Factor CFL Lamps in India, which give Higher Energy Saving and Lumen Output. High power Factor has been made mandatory by the government to increase energy saving in India and also to minimize the energy loss.

Mr. J.P. Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director, Surya Roshni Limited said, These Surya CFLs are Eco Friendly Green Lamps made with Green Technology using one of its kind PDT and PH+ technology. Surya CFLs also have inbuilt Power stabilizer to control the voltage fluctuation and along with Japanese Fluorescent Powder used in these CFLs, they give higher lumen output even at low voltages.

Surya is truly a National Brand with the widest coverage of the Indian markets through 30 branches, 1,600 dealers and more than 1 Lac retailers. Surya’s turnover ending March 2009 was Rs. 1,750 Cr. Surya to continue the growth progress of its Business Units and Brands has also made investments of more than Rs 550 Cr. in various product categories. The company has projected a turnover of Rs 5000 Cr by 2011-12 and will also generate 6,000 jobs in the process.

Surya is the most energy efficient lighting company, which is now launching 5 star rated tube lights in India. These energy efficient tube lights save 85% energy as compared to GLS, with the life of 15 years (15,000 hours, based on 3.3 hours usage per day with an electronic ballast). with electronic ballast, which is 3 times longer than ISI/BIS.

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