Secretary Clinton Meets Staff and Families of New Delhi Embassy

The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today met the staff and families of Embassy New Delhi.

At the Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi, Ms. Clinton thanked Americans and Indians Embassy staff, along with all of their family members, husbands, wives, children and partners.

“You are so important to the work that we do in this relationship which is critical to both of our countries, and you contribute in so many ways.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton said she was delighted to be back in India to personally continue to broaden, deepen and strengthen the U.S.-India relationship.

“And I am also pleased to once again thank you, Foreign Service officers, civil servants, members of more than a dozen U.S. Government agencies, and the local staff who often make things happen because, as I like to say, secretaries come and go, ambassadors come and go, political officers, econ officers, PAOs. But the local staff stays and provides that continuous memory, experience, and expertise.” -Ms. Clinton

She thanked the staff for their assistance to the session of the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue. She added that the strength of U.S.-India relationship is not always measured just in treaties signed or summits held, but in all the ways big and small that we improve people’s lives.

“I know that in the aftermath of this latest attack in Mumbai, working with individuals standing up for the solid relationship we have against terrorism is absolutely essential.” -Ms. Clinton

She also thanked Consulate General Mumbai for activating its emergency networks, contacting hospitals, foreign missions, and local authorities to account for missing Americans, and issuing an emergency message to all.

“To the local staff, I really appreciate what you do. Some of you, I was just told, have been here since I started coming in the ’90s, and so you have worked with me, with my daughter, with my husband, and then of course other distinguished American families, including presidents and presidential families.” -Ms. Clinton

The tiger, Panthera tigris is the national animal of India. India is home to about half of the world’s tiger population but the future of the species is threatened by habitat degradation and poaching.

She commended Guru Singh, who has worked in the Embassy for 41 years. She said Mr. Singh started in 1970 as a clerk with the Library of Congress office.

“Thank you so much for everything you have done, are doing, and will do as we chart the way forward with our partner, friend, India.” -Ms. Clinton

India is said to be the most populous democracy in the world. India has recently increased its economic, strategic and military cooperation with the United States and the European Union.

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