Sanskrit Tattoos Becoming Popular Among World Celebrities

Recently, there has been a surge in interest in Sanskrit tattoo designs and symbols among Hollywood and other celebrities.

Famed British footballer Theo Walcott is the newest one to join the “Sanskrit Tattoo Club”. On the inside of his right arm, a Sanskrit tattoo reportedly meaning “Beautiful, Blessed, Strong, Intelligent” is engraved. “Beautiful” is dedicated for his sister Hollie, “blessed” for his father Don, “strong” for his brother Ashley, and “intelligent” for his mother Lynn.

Actress Jessica Alba, musician Tommy Lee of “Motley Crue”, singer and model Rihanna, dancer and singer Kimberly Wyatt of “Pussycat Dolls”, are some of the celebrities who sport Sanskrit tattoos.

Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed has urged celebrities who carry Sanskrit tattoos to go beyond the fashion statement and indulge in serious study of rich philosophical thought, which Hinduism provides. Zed, who is the president of Universal Society of Hinduism, offered to gladly provide the resources the serious seekers among celebrities needed for their study and research.

Om, the mystical syllable containing the universe, seems to be the most popular of Sanskrit tattoos. Ancient language Sanskrit is considered a sacred language, the language of the gods. Tattoos go back in history to at least since Neolithic times.