N & J Entertainment Inc. USA Spearheads Sixth NY Nepali Poetry Festival ‘2012’

Sixth NY Nepali Poetry Festival: The best Nepali event ever held in NY

N & J Entertainment Inc. USA organized the Sixth NY Nepali Poetry Festival ‘2012’ in Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Height’s Conference Hall of the Himalayan Yak Restaurant amidst the intellectuals gathered from Nepal, New York, Washington DC, Connecticut, Baltimore, New Jersey, California and other states.

Kamala Prasai at 6TH Anniversary

The event which was chaired by the Renowned Litterateur and the NYU Professor, Mr. Yuyutsu RD Sharma had the Writer and Artiste Mr. Alex Gargilis as the Special Guest. The International Nepali Literary Society ‘INLS’ Founding President, Litterateur Mr. Hom Nath Subedi who was the Chief Guest of the NY Nepali Poetry Festival ‘2012’ handed the ‘Certificate of Honor’ to INLS NY Chapter President, Litterateur Mrs. Poonam Kafle, ‘The Journey of Creation (Srijanaka Yatraharu)’, Media Houses- ‘USNepalOnline.com’ and ‘presschautari.com’. Litterateur Kafle and ‘The Journey of Creation’ were honored for their outstanding contributions in the field of Nepali literature.

USNepalOnline.com and presschautari.com received the honor for their outstanding contributions in the field of journalism.

Four Guest

The NY Nepali Poetry Festival ‘2012’ which formally began with the National Anthem was moderated by Mr. Sahadev Poudel in the first session and the second one was moderated by Mr. Mani Bangdel.

The President of N & J Entertainment Inc. USA, Ms. Kamala Prasai after welcoming the guests highlighted the activities of the organization.A The primary objective of N & J Inc. is to promote Nepali language, literature, arts and culture and to honor the talents in their respective fields and hold poetry competitions, said Ms. Prasai. She announced that the N & J Inc. will have ‘Quiz Contest’ event to collect funds for the war victims and the disable children of Nepal. (see: http://nandj.org ).

One of the attractions of the event was the poetry competition. Judges Mr. Amar Nembang, Mr. Khem Nath Dahal and Mrs. Jyoti Poudel scored Poet Tirtha Baral (first), Poet Birendra Labung Limbu (second), and the Poet Arun Anuragi (third). In the children’s poem competition, Poetess Anita Rai won the first prize whereas Poet Suyash Adhikari won second prize and the third prize was won by the Poetess Lalita Shrestha. A Among few popular poets and poetesses Ram Chandra Thapa, Debendra Sambahamfe Limbu, Madan Ghorusainee, Buddha Chemjong and Jangbu Sherpa participated in the competition.

Children 2

Under the non-competitive category Mr. Mani Bangel who received the honor representing the ‘Srijanaka Yatraharu’ recited the poems of Dr. Basanta Gautam (Nepal), Poet Hari Manandhar (Israel) and the popular lyrist Mr. Bimal Giri (Belgium). Litterateurs- Mr. Binod Roka, Mrs. Poonam Kafle, Mrs. Parita Rajbhandari, Mrs. Gita Khatri, Mr. Bikash Bista also recited their beautiful poems.

The performances of the singers, Ms. Pabita Bagchand, Mr. Arun Anuragi, Ms. Shanta Ghimire and Ms. Sakuntala Gyawali made the NY Nepali Poetry Festival ‘2012’ entertaining.


Speaking on the occasion, the event’s Chair, Litterateur Mr. Yuyutsu RD Sharma and the Special Guest, Writer cum Artiste Mr. Alex Gargilis said that all Nepalese are poets, artists and singers. They both complemented each other’s arguments by saying that the poems, songs and arts are the things Nepali people have in their hearts and souls.


The INLS Founding President, Litterateur Mr. Hom Nath Subedi while giving his speech praised Ms. Kamala Prasai’s dedication towards the promotion of Nepali language, literature, arts and culture. Litterateur Subedi also encouraged others to write. Writer Sita Pandey commended Ms. Kamala Prasai’s efforts to encourage the children towards literature and requested all to do the same.


The N & J Inc. organized Sixth NY Nepali Poetry Festival ‘2012’ was the best ever held event, said one of the prominent figures of Nepali Society in New York. Among the prominent figures participated in the event were Mr. Vijay Sigdel, Mr. Badri Poudel, Mr. Kiran Kafle, Mrs. Nanda Devi Subedi, Journalist Krishna Raj Pandey, Dr. Tara Niraula, Mrs. Mridula Koirala, Ms. Manu Lohorung, Mrs. Gita Panth, Mr. Krishna Pokhrel, Mr. Nagendra Ingnam, Mr. Bishwa Shah, Mrs. Mithu Thapa and Mr. Bishal Shah. The Representatives of Media Houses- White Himal TV, USNepalOnline.com, presschautari.com and others were also present in the event.

The Guests of the NY Nepali Poetry Festival ‘2012’ gave credit to the moderators-duo Mr. Sahadev Poudel, Mr. Mani Bangdel and to the Founding President of N & J Entertainment Inc. USA, Ms. Kamala Prasai for the very successful event ever held in the Nepali community of NY City.

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