Municipal Corporation Fetches Rs. 683,000 From Open Auction

Municipal Corporation raises Rs. 6,83000 from open auction of eight Food kiosks at Night Food Street

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation today auctioned eight food kiosks at Night Food Street, in Sector 14, today for Rs. 683,000/- against the reserve price Rs. 31,500/- for each kiosk. The auction was held under the supervision of Mr. T.P.S. Phoolka, Joint Commissioner, MC, Chandigarh.

Giving a briefing about the Street, Mr. Phoolka said there are eight food kiosks, each of 64 square feet (8′ x 8′) and the total plot area is 12180 square feet. In addition, toilet blocks for ladies and gents have been constructed. Phoolka said the total earning from the eight food kiosks for 12 months will be around Rs. 8,196,000/-

Others present on the occasion included Mr. Pardeep Chhabra, Mr. Vijay Singh Rana, Mr. Sanjay Arora, XEN, Roads and other officials of the Corporation.

The detail of each kiosk, showing the Reserve price and final Auction price is shown here:

1. Rs. 31,500/- Rs. 68,500/- (per month)

2. Rs. 31,500/- Rs. 60,500/- (per month)

3. Rs. 31,500/- Rs. 71,500/- (per month)

4. Rs. 31,500/- Rs. 90,000/- (per month)

5. Rs. 31,500/- Rs. 1,05,500/- (per month)

6. Rs. 31,500/- Rs. 85,500/- (per month)

7. Rs. 31,500/- Rs. 80,500/- (per month)

8. Rs. 31,500/- Rs. 1,21,000/- (per month)

*Total Rs. 6,83000/-*

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