Monica Sharma Opens First Hub of Activities in City

Aditi Kalakriti is a Creative Learning Centre opened a wide variety of arts classes such as glass painting, charcoal sketching, candle making course, fabric painting, nib painting, emboss painting, pastel painting, brush technique, ceramic painting, Flower making, paper-craft and oil painting Course, cooking ( Italian, Indian, Continental, Chinese), dancing, singing, stitching, all under one roof.

The workshop cum office was inaugurated by the city Mayor Smt. Kamlesh in SCO 33, Second Floor, Sector 31 here today. Aditi Kalakriti deals in a variety of artwork. Designer pottery, miniature paintings, mina kari, glass etching, wax murals and textile designing works are available here under the guidance of Monica Sharma. Monica is into artwork since childhood and is also a senior teacher of Hobby Ideas, Fevicryl.

The objective is to teach people how to make designer candles, canvas and oil painting, water fountains, Terracota jewellery, Rajasthani murals, Tanjore arts and other types of paintings.

“More than the Indians, the NRIs appreciate my work. I have been getting regular buck orders from them,” says Monica. Spread across, the collection of paintings and their quality will take your breath away! A rather neat arrangement of artwork consisting of paintings devoted solely to the Indian deity, Krishna.


Her camp courses are generally for 10 days and only in exceptional cases does she take a student for a month. Monica provides individual courses as well as packages. For the widows and people living below the poverty line, the classes are free. ” We invite the UT Administration to join hands so we can teach the poor people and make them independent in many aspects,” she adds.

Elaborating further, Monica says, “I notice that of all the courses I teach, candle-making is the most popular.” In candle-making for instance, she teaches the students to make 10 items in the individual courses but if candle-making forms a part of the package, then the count goes up to 15-25 items. However, if the choice is something as complex as say Tanjore painting or a Rajasthani mural, then students get to make just one painting.

Monica provides all the material and the finished product belongs to the students. But if she notices an exceptionally talented student, then she gets the student to paint something to her liking and exhibits it in her gallery ‘Artistics’. If the painting gets sold, then she takes a small cut while the major chunk goes to the student/artist.