LTTE killed Tamil civilians: surrendered Tiger leaders

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

The LTTE Tigers used their own Tamils i.e. the civilians as human shields in Sri Lanka as the breaking news and reports coming in even today, whereas in the past, during the real encounters, Sikh militants never did so.

Then, only the Indian security forces used the civilians especially villagers as human shields but Sikh warriors died or escaped unharmed bravely after proving their skill in such encounters which is a matter of record and they (Sikhs militants as warriors) will always be remembered in history.

But, the Sikh Vichar Manch could not restrain and appealed, “Please don’t inhumanly treat ‘LTTE Tigers’ in custody as were Sikhs treated and eliminated in India and the maltreatment of Sikhs continues though tactically. Presently, the civilians and ‘LTTE Tigers’ including Sri Lanka forces involved are facing a very hard situation in the area and they need humanitarian help. All concerned must intervene for help, peace and justice.”

In both cases, let me first bow my head before the warriors who sacrificed wittingly or unwittingly for the cause, though their sacrifices are cashed by the Indian government sponsored and named militants. The people acted under the garb of different names like parties, committees, associations, organisations submitted to follow the dictates of central agencies especially trained and meant for achieving the desired results.