List of candidates of M.P. and Delhi Assembly Elections declared

President of Indian Justice Party, Dr. Udit Raj, lamented that there is fewer scope for honest, agenda based and development oriented politics. At present, on an average, expenditure involved in assembly elections is between 25-50 lacs per constituency and amount goes in crores in Parliament elections.

It is easy to muster the votes in the name of castes or religion and struggle for basic needs of the people fetches no dividends. The electorate are more committed to see their leaders at the top and needs like employment, power; water, law and order do not hold much importance.

The Indian Justice Party has dared to field the candidates in these odd circumstances. Ours is a new party, therefore, emphasis in this election is to defeat other contenders and publicize about its programmes and policies.

Dr. Udit Raj said that the whole country is watching helplessly that without expending huge money, it is difficult to create favourable atmosphere for elections. When the Election Commission was not strict, the candidates, who used to be penniless and leader of masses, were getting elected; now it has become an exception.

Terrorism is going to be a major issue in this election and the parties involved in the Batala House incident, are not primarily to protect and promote the interests of Muslims but to exploit them for political end. The Indian Justice Party believes that this incident should be probed by a judicial commission.

Dr. Udit Raj said that solution of Muslim problems lies in their representation in administration. In the Mandal Commission recommendation, two third population of Muslims is included but on the ground, Muslims have not been recruited in the services and the administration according to population ratio. Indian Justice Party demands that there should be sub-categorisation of 27% quota so that Muslims could get their due share.

It is a sorry affair that the many Muslim leaders do not realize the importance of representation in administration. Dr. Udit Raj said that Indian Justice Party stands for compulsory and equal education, employment to each, casteless society, reservation in private sector for dalits, land to landless, promotion and protection of agriculture. He said that ever since BJP Govt. has ascended into power in MP, the atrocities on dalits have increased and party will make this an important issue in the elections.

Delhi State President, Suresh Dewan, said that the Indian Justice Party, Delhi Unit, is fielding those candidates who can contest elections effectively. He said that Congress govt. has failed to protect the interest of poor and common people and in the election, party will make it an important issue in addition to what Dr. Udit Raj has stated above. …

Following candidates have been declared –


Constituency Candidate 1. Bhopal (S-W) – Azimuddin

2. Narela – Pratap Singh

3. Harda – Shashi Billore

4. Multai – Ashok Pawar

5. Betul – Vinod Khawate

6. Bichhiya – Trilok Dhurve

7. Dindore – Ramchandra Patta

8. Kavlari – Dr. Shobharam Prajapati

9. Barghat – Chatursingh Dhurve

10. Logy – Dushyant Nagpure

11. Varasivani – Prakash Sagar

12. Katangi – C.P. Goswami

13. Paraswada – Deenbandhu Chauhan

14. Siwani – Pradeep Dogari

15. Chhindwada – Sunil Jain

16. Chaurai – Nemichand Verma

17. Depalpur – Devendra Patel

18. Mahu – Hemant Gore

19. Rau – Bharat Raghuvanshi

20. Khandwa – Rajesh Rathaur

21. Badwah – Mukesh Bhalge

22. Khargon – Prem Patidar

23. Dhar – Bhagwan Dubey

24. Sardapur – Prakash Meena

25. Kuchchi – Ram Singh Maske

26. Burhanpur – Dinesh Bhau

27. Muraina – Naresh Shakya

28. Ambah – S.L. Jalaun

29. Bhander – Santosh Kumar Verma

30. Seveda – Ramesh Patel

31. Deorikala – Santosh Vishwakarma

32. Narsinghpur – Prem Mehra

33. Dewas – Rajesh Lot

34. Churhat – Kashinath Vishwakarma

35. Singhawal – Yadunath Vishwakarma

36. Nagaur – Majid Khan

37. Raigaon – Kallu Prasad Sonkar

38. Chitrakut – Bhagwat Tripathi

39. Satna – Mahesh Ahirwar

40. Chandla – Raju Ahirwar

41. Rajnagar – Sundarlal

42. Panna – Arvind Ahirwar

43. Amanganj – Rakesh Ahirwar

44. Pawai – Kamlesh Kr. Dwedi

45. Jatara – M.D. Ahirwar

46. Teekamgarh – Naththuram Kushwaha

47. Bareli – Yogesh Vishwakarma

48. Rampur Baghel – Balgovind Chaudhary

49. Gwalior(15) – Mohd. Arif

50. Bhitarwar – Vimla Baraiya

51. Gwalior(17) – Rambali Yadav

52. Laskar West – Vimla Vyas


Constituency Candidate 1. Delhi Cantt. – B. K. Singh

2. Uttam Nagar – Prem Chand Prajapati

3. Trinagar – Ram Kisan

4. Mustafabad – Laxman Tomar

5. Gokalpur – Haribabu

6. Buradi – Munna Thekedar

(Sanjay Kumar)

Media Incharge