Kashmir Issue Not About Money Or Guns

Srinagar, July 7: Asserting that the Kashmir-issue is not the issue of money or guns but a political one, Chief Minister of Indian administered Kashmir Omar Abdullah Thursday said its genesis is linked with New Delhi, Kashmir and Pakistan.

Addressing a public gathering at Sumbal in North Kashmir Omar said he has made it clear time and again that the elections, whether of Parliament, Assembly or Local Bodies, are not the answer to the resolution of political issues of Kashmir.

“We do not want to keep anyone in this misconception that by conducting elections we have solved the political issues of Jammu and Kashmir”, he said elaborating that the electricity in the wires, water in the taps, good roads, college complexes and modern health institutions are not the answer to the political issues.

Omar also said the resolution of political issues of Kashmir is a human duty to be rendered to seek permanent peace and prosperity in the sub-continent, however, he cannot keep the society wanting for these facilities asking them to wait for the basic amenities till the political issues are settled.

Kashmir received a severe setback on the development front owing to three years of continuous summer unrest. “We could not utilize the funds earmarked for creating educational and health sector infrastructure, construction of good roads, macadamization, etc. I appealed regularly to the people to give me a peaceful season to show you positive results on the development front”, he said emphasizing that peace is must for development.