Is Marrying in India a Crime?

“Filing a 498A is as easy as ordering an idli sambar and actually, it is easier -the proprietor could refuse to give you an idli sambar but the police cannot refuse”, claimed the members of Save Indian Family foundation (SIFF).

SIFF today carried an SMS campaign on the Friendship Day and made the people aware of the consequence that a man can face marrying in India. The SMS campaign, which was carried throughout the day targeted the people of Chandigarh, its counterparts, Punjab and Haryana. Thousands of SMSs were sent, saying, “If men in India wish to face the threat of losing their jobs and social status, then they should consider marrying in India.

If you marry in India, then you have to abide by the laws of the land,” stated SIFF. “As far as revision of the law is concerned, NCW maintains that this is the sole way to ensure women empowerment and this is the only way to instigate the police and judiciary to get working. SIFF through the SMS campaign warned the people to be careful of the Indian dowry laws and its misuse”, said Gaurav Saini.

The grooms targeted under this law are mostly wealthy and highly educated doctors, engineers, scientists and businessmen who are highly successful and have proven themselves in the career front. These people are threatened by unscrupulous wives in collusion with the police to shell out crores of rupees as compromise amounts or find their names alongside dreaded international terrorists or drug smugglers.

“Such campaigns will continue in the coming future”, said the organisation.