India’s Hand in Nepal Royal Palace Massacre – 2001

South Asia is in turmoil over India taking the policy of aggressive intervention against surrounding countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The task to destabilize these countries has been assigned to the notorious intelligence agency, RAW. A scholar Dr. Shreen M Mazari says “In Nepal, India has been intervening in the politics of the Hindu Kingdom by promoting pro-Indian politicians.”

The Indian government is making it difficult for Nepal to assert her sovereignty. The Indian intelligence service Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has been fomenting violent deterioration in Nepal. In Nepal, Indian leaders especially the government of Congress (I) have been playing an active role to diffuse the democratic aspirations of the Nepalese people.

Pressure On Nepal

In 1989, India imposed an economic blockade on Nepal.

birendra family
King Birendra and His Family

The reason was the expiring of the Trade and Transit Treaty. After the blockade, India had asked King Birendra to remain under the Indian security umbrella by enjoying the same status as the Bhutani King. But the sovereign Nepalese King Birendra rejected the Indian interest. Then, India started the conspiracy against Nepal.

Some Indian leaders & RAW have been instigating the Madhesi people (some puppets of India) of the Tarai – southern belt. The Indian ambassador has been offering large sums of money for schools, hospitals, roads etc in order to wean the masses away from the influence of Kathmandu.

The Tarai belt is burning with murders, kidnappings, lootings that is mounting day by day in the name of so-called ‘Madhesi supremacy’. Since 2000 AD, India wanted to abolish the Nepalese monarchy any way it could. The Nepalese monarchy is the convincing factor of Nepalese unity & sovereignty. But India does not like peaceful unity and an inseparable Nepal. So, Indian Congress (I) leaders and RAW chief came to Nepal and used pressure to get rid of the monarchy. At that point, the grand design started with the Royal massacre.

The main cause is the conspiracy of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). RAW has been destabilizing Nepalese unity since 2005. Professor Wang Hongwei of the Chinese Academy of Social sciences is a veteran Nepal watcher made these remarks. ‘I firmly believe that Birendra’s affiliation with China finally became the prime reason for his ghastly murder, some power centers did not want late King Birendra to have good relations with China’. ‘Birendra was committed to serve his country, he had brought new ideas of cooperation with China, King Birendra believed that if Nepal is linked to the Silk Route, the country can have direct links to Europe and other countries mainly to import petroleum products’. ‘That is the prime reason why those alien power centers did not want him to survive’.

‘We had told him to remain careful while he was attending the BAO Summit held in China some years back’. ‘We had saved his life earlier as well; one of our Military attache had informed him of such ill motives. It was since then he had friendly relations with China, however, we came to know at a later stage that some diplomats stationed in Kathmandu and leaders of some political parties too acted as accomplices in the murder’. Professor Wang confirmed that RAW was responsible for the Royal massacre.

King Birendra & His Family

nepal royal palace
Royal Palace of Nepal

How mysterious it is? In my analysis, Prince Dipendra & Devyani (Daughter of Pashupati Shamshre) were used by RAW in the Royal massacre. On the night of the massacre (7-9 PM), she was in Dugad Niwas near by the Indian-Embassy at Lajimpat, and was asking about the activities of Prince Dipendra to his ADC.

This is an open-secret. But, just after the Royal massacre, the next day, Devyani departed to Delhi when Girija was the powerful Prime minister. That is the suspicious reality. The former PM and Maoist leader Prachanda, and the PM and UML leader Madhab Nepal, have been making empty noises about the investigating of Royal massacre. Remember that Madhab Nepal was nominated as a member of the investigation team (on the leadership of Chief Justice), but he refused to take part. Why is that? Because the culprit party leaders would not undergo an exercise in futility?

Royal Palace of Nepal

A prominent editor of Peoples Review (24 July 2009) Mr. Pushpa Raj Pradhan writes – ‘The Royal Palace bloodbath on 1 June, 2001 will remain as a black-day for Nepalis in history. The entire family members of King Birendra along with many members of the Royal Family were killed in that incident.’

According to the noted scholar Dr Upendra Gautam, King Birendra was killed 19 days after signing an agreement for the Rasuwagadhi-Safrubeshi road, an access road linking Tibet with Nepal. Furthermore, he was killed immediately after his official visit to China. King Birendra, during those last days, was very unhappy with the increasing Indian intervention in Nepal.

India Worried About Nepal-China Links

According to Janadharana weekly, who had been closely monitoring the developments in Nepal, the Royal Palace bloodbath was carried out by those elements who didn’t want Nepal remaining as a sovereign nation. The late king Birendra had strong relations with China. He was assassinated immediately after his return from China. He had participated in the international summit at the Bao Forum, Hainan, China in 2001.

India had become further suspicious of King Birendra’s visit to China. Just before the bloodbath, Indian intelligence had made public a report in which a fake allegation was made that Queen Aishwarya had provided 100 million Indian rupees to the Tamil Tigers to assassinate Indian Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi. It can be assumed that from such a serious accusation made against the Royal Family, how much the Indians were annoyed with the Royal Palace? This can be taken as evidence that Indians were trying to abolish the respected institution of a neighbouring country.

India was demanding that Nepal should provide citizenship certificates to all Indians residing in Nepal. India had already bought all the parliament members to fulfill this cause. A bill on the amendment of the citizenship law was also passed by the Parliament. But King Birendra had rejected the bill which made India more angry with the monarchy in Nepal.

That is the reality of the massacre of King Birendra and his family. Who can avoid the degrees of fate? The history of Indian conspiracy is the destruction of sovereign nations of south Asia. India should understand that the Nepalese people will never accept Indian interference.

RAW Manufactured Pressure On Nepal

According to former Prime Minister Marichman Singh, at the time of the movement of 1990, RAW brought together one dozen left parties who never used to see eye to eye, just like the seven parties during 2005 and of course, forged a working alliance with the Nepali Congress. Thinking that the Nepalese people would not hit the streets, India even brought 6,000 Bhutanese of Nepalese origin to Kathmandu to show Nepali faces in the movement. It is already published that after the movement of 1990 gained momentum, the then Indian Foreign Secretary, showing the scare of the people’s movement, came to Kathmandu in April 1990 with a draft agreement under which Nepal’s defense and foreign policy would be under the Indian domain. But King Birendra rejected the agreement outright. Many people believe that this was another step towards his untimely demise.

The reality is that India still maintains its wish to keep Nepal under its security umbrella. Now it is well established that India, after 2005, is stepping towards Bhutanisation, Sikkimisation and Fijisation of Nepal by using Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai of Maoist, Girija of NC, Madhab Nepal of UML. All the conspiracy is being done in the name of abolition of monarchy. Therefore, in the absence of a leader who can take a stance, India conspires to make Nepal a failed state.

The Nepalese monarchy is the pillar of Nepalese identity and sovereignty. The Royal institution of Nepal is for its people and a force that fought against the imperialists. India had been investing to establish a republic in Nepal with the help of our corrupt party leaders as well as the palace’s corrupt cronies and sycophants. So, everybody can understand the story of Royal massacre.