Indian Investment in US Increases Substantially

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Geoffrey Pyatt today said Indian investment in the United States is increasing substantially.

“I don’t need to convince this audience that U.S.-India economic ties are as promising as they have ever been. Economic cooperation has been the driving force behind our transformed bilateral relationship and, in many ways, is the decisive factor behind India’s achievement of greater influence and responsibility in the international system.” -Mr. Pyatt

He stressed that U.S. – India relationship will improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people – if not billions – through the 21st century.

“Bilateral trade is flourishing with the pace of innovation in India has been amazing. Here in Chennai, automobile components, software development, hardware manufacturing and healthcare industries are all thriving, building-out a diversified economic base reflecting the Indian economy of tomorrow, directly linked to global markets and vital to U.S. and global economic prosperity.” -Mr. Pyatt

He noted that the outdated perception of an Indian economy that detracts from U.S. production and output is widely seen as an anachronism.

“Now, given that 80 percent of the infrastructure of India of 2030 has yet to be built – 80 percent! – the United States sees a great opportunity to deepen our commercial partnership.” -Mr. Pyatt

Mina Fabulous
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