How Can Secularism Be Relevant in Nepal?

The continuing retrogression of Nepal has hurt the sentiments of many Nepali people. It is natural for anyone to be proud of one’s nation’s dignity and the nation’s identity being secured.

However the destination of the political leaders of Nepal is to destroy this nation’s identity and its proud history. Seeing this rends our hearts. In 2006, after an agreement between the King and the agitators the uprising came to an end. However, the western Christian nations intervened to guide the politicians to impose secularism, republic and federalism that had not been in the demands that were the causes for the people’s uprising.

Since then Nepal has been in a chaos. Christians look at Norway’s royal institution and Vatican City’s religious leader Pope as their protectors. The royal institution of Nepal which had been the center of aspiration for Hindus in Nepal and India was removed without considering its long-term affects. Now Nepali Congress activist Ram Baran Yadav is the President and there are arrangements that allow him to carry out the traditional activities that the former King had done.

The country is called republic since 2008 by the traitors but the President is indulging in activities that were carried out by a Hindu King. What kind of misfortune is this? Will a Muslim or Christian after becoming the head of state of this nation perform activities as required by the Hindu tradition in future? Can such things happen? A nation’s nationality does not only mean its soil but the religion, culture, norms, values and its proud history. How can this holy land remain secure by sacrificing such things? It must be noted that the Christians do not condemn any traditional views inside their religion. Why are not the Hindus working to rid the religion of the defects as discrimination and play the leading role?

Nepal is a nation common for us Nepali. No one has the right to hurt the sentiments of the majority of people in order to fulfill their momentary interest. On May 18-2006, (Jesta 4 2063 Bs.) Nepal was declared a secular state with a malicious objective of destroying Nepal’s identity. This day is a ‘Black Day’ for all Hindus. It was a belief that everyone had on April 24, 2006 that Nepal after an agreement reached with the monarch, would tread a path of certainty.

There was an aura of belief that Nepali Congress and UML would learn from their past mistakes committed during their previous rules, and do something for the nation for a change. But within a month after taking power they suddenly took an unprecedented step to declare Nepal a secular nation by shedding its former sovereign and cemented identity as a Hindu Kingdom on May 18. It was a decision taken by leaders of some 2/4 political parties that attacked the national identities against the votes of people, and weakened Nepal’s nationality.

Since the declaration on May 18, hearts of all the Hindus in view of the bleak future of Nepal has remained far from peace. Nepal is Hindus’ official holy land. Nepal’s national flag and its status as the only Hindu Kingdom were Nepal’s identity. During the time when Nepal was a Hindu Kingdom, of all the secular nations in the world, Nepal was known to be the most tolerant and liberal. Hindu religion is known to be the most tolerant of all religions in the world. Hindu Kingdom is a historical epitome of a sovereign nation.

‘When Yaman (English) ruled how degraded was Hindu region? But Nepal remained pure in midst of this decadence.’ We can also measure the greatness of Hinduism on account of the youth poet Motiram Bhatta’s praising of the eminence of the sovereignty of Hindu Kingdom 150 years ago.

The colony of Muslim and English in India that attacked Hinduism had defiled whole India. But no foreigners could ever force Nepal to turn its heels, and the purity of this nation was mentioned by Motiram Bhatta. These traitors, whom the Nepal mother gave birth to, have committed a grave crime by extirpating its identity. So we Nepali people and all the Hindus of the world regard May 18 as a ‘Black Day’.

The signing of the 12 point agreement in India in 2005 was a big mistake. Even though the 12 point agreement was signed-Had it mentioned declaring Nepal a secular state? This is a clear act of deceiving the people. After the unification of Nepal Prithvi Narayan Shah had chased the white occupiers. Now the traitors were used to declare Nepal a secular state which opened the gates for white occupiers that in turn has allowed the imperialists to take revenge against Prithvi Narayan Shah. They are going to villages and popularizing their religion. Imperialists have always taken a course of initially attacking a nation’s religion, culture and language before imposing their influence. They followed this example in India, China and many other nations.

Those pumping the foreigners into committing the act of defiling this holy land are the enemies of Hinduism. When Nepal was a Hindu nation there had not been any instances of fighting or discord between the different religions. With the declaration of secularism, as in India, this land of Lord Shiva and Buddha has witnessed rise of disputes on religious ground.

The political leaders are courting religious war in Nepal by declaring secularism. Madhav Nepal had not carried out the religious rituals of his dead mother in hope of becoming a Prime Minister which he thought the King would give him. After the uprising-2006, he became a Prime Minister. While taking oath of office he did not want to take the name of ‘God’ as required by the constitution. He is one of them whom drafted the interim constitution, but he himself has chosen to violate it. Such a person lacking national prestige can become Nepal’s Prime Minister?

They must know that American Presidents have always taken oath of office with their hand on the Bible. When President Obama had uttered a word incorrectly while taking oath of office with his hand firmly on the Bible he had to repeat the oath. Madhav Nepal and Prachanda must have known this incident. Maoist is a rebellious force; they may carryout reform in due time.

However, Madhav Nepal had already taken oath of office as Deputy Prime Minister during the King’s rule in name of ‘God’. Is it appropriate for him to change his stance in such a quick session? Why is Nepal’s identity as the world’s only Hindu nation such a matter of headache for them? In reality due to some leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist, Nepal’s future has plunged into darkness.

So they have declared Nepal a secular nation. But the tradition followed under Hinduism in which the King visited the religious sites is done so now by the so-called, and forcibly made President from Nepali Congress, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. Why does he have to do this? Such holy places are prohibited for such people who have no regard for religion and tradition and are involved in committing sins. The President has met with Kumari and received vermilion from the Living Goddess; has gone to visit Bhardrakali and Pachali Bhairav, and the 12-year festival, where according to Hindu religion only a King can visit.

The so-called President has insulted the tradition by his visits. A controversial aspect surrounding the Indra Jatra is that a choice of a Living Goddess Kumari is done if the candidate’s religious script relating to birth corresponds with that of the King’s. During coronation a King must take vermilion from the hand of the Kumari of Shakya caste. After conquering Kathmandu the victorious King Prithvi Narayan Shah had taken vermilion from the Kumari and then only had he taken his throne in Hanumandhoka-Kathmandu.

Has anyone the right to wipe out the history of this holy land? It must not be forgotten that Nepal’s King has a special right over many temples and shrines in India. Should the Nepali leaders who lack ideology be allowed to visit such shrines? They have not only blemished the name of Nepal but of all Hindus in India and around the world. Hindu religion is the protector of all religions. They (leaders) have sold themselves to foreign money and betrayed their own nation. May 18 is a ‘Black Day’. Hindu nation must now be mentioned along side the name of Nepal. Otherwise all the Hindus in Nepal, and those spread over the world must rise to save their dignity and to revert to the old status of Nepal as a Hindu Kingdom. Let us rise, awake and become one.