Half-Victory for India: Anna Hazare Ends Fast, Parliament Accepts 3 Key Demands

New Delhi: The Indian government heaved a much-needed sigh of relief Sunday morning, but not before its parliament accepted three key demands in the much hyped Jan Lokpal, motivating the 74-year-old Anti-Corruption Activist, Ana Hazare, to end his 13-day long fast here this morning.

Having achieved what is largely perceived to be a “half- victory”, people in the country celebrated it by bursting fire crackers and dancing on the roads. The pressure was constantly mounting on the government for putting the life of Annna Hazare at stake. Anna lost over 6 Kilograms of weight during his fasting days and had grown pale. The stalemate between the government and Team Anna over the Jan Lokpal bill, which saw many ups and downs, had brought the entire nation to a standstill.

After hectic parleys between the Government and Team Anna, both houses of Indian Parliament on Saturday evening passed a resolution by thumping of desks unanimously. However, analysts believe that the government will be put to the real test from now onwards as it has promised to pass the Jan Lokpal bill soon.

After breaking his fast, Anna Hazare with a smile writ-large on his wrinkled face, addressed a huge gathering, “I thank the countrymen, my brothers, sisters and children for the fight against corruption. It is also a victory for media which remained with us all the time. I am thankful to media for waking up to the movement,” Anna said amid applause from the gathering.

Meanwhile, people across the country celebrated the massive “Victory.” Reports from every state said that people celebrated the victory by flocking to the roads and singing songs. Indian flags were raised in Ramlila ground, where tens of thousands of people kept visiting, during the 13-day-long fast. Reports of celebrations were also received from Ram, hometown of Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian finance minister. Pranab on Saturday told parliament that the house is in support of a series of policies demanded by Team Anna.

The frail-bodied, Anna Hazare was also shifted to hospital in Gurgoan for treatment. “He has been shifted to hospital soon after he ended his fast,” his aide Arjind Kejriwal said.

Doctors who are moniotring the Anti-corruption crusader said that “right now he is fine, but he will be kept under observation for the next few days.”

Nikita Rana, a student who was supporting Anna Hazare from the first day of the movement, told Newsblaze, “I am happy with the decision of government. It had no option but to agree to the demands of the people of the nation. We demonstrated to the world that the power of people can bring any government to its’ knees,” adding that she was with Anna’s movement until it reaches its logical end.

One more Supporter Amit, an MBA student told NewsBlaze, “We have won the half-battle, if they will not pass the Lokpal bill which now they (government) have committed to pass, we will again resort to protests against the government.”

Pertinently, the major opposition parties for the first time insisted the Indian government pass the bill in the parliament.