Emergence of Neo-Hitlerism in Nepal

Nepalese elite and dramatist Politicians of Seven Party Alliance are unremittingly doing miracles in Nepal. Surprisingly, the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) has successfully discovered a unique model of violence in this country i.e. political violence. It seems that evils like HITLER and Butcher, POL- POT, have re-incarnated in the form of Maoist Supremo PRACHANDA and NCP (UML) Gen Secretary, MADHAB NEPAL and these holy leaders have re-hatched the neo-Hitlerism in Nepal. All the Nepalese must believe over this bitter myth, because, history gets repeated and such wonders are apparently possible especially under the decree of existing Seven Party Alliance) in Nepal.

Nepalese Politics is now just a non obligatory game of power configuration and dramas only. Pretending of progressive moves has thrust aside even basic ethics, norms and values of democracy, in Nepal. SPA rule is just clinging with total constitutional vacuums and disregard of the rules of laws. Political responsibility and accountability have expired in this Himalayan Nation. Nepalese politicians have absolutely insulted the fundamentals of democracy. Innocent and ailing Nepalese people are insistently been terrorized under SPA regime. So, isn’t it the invention of political terrorism in Nepal? Shouldn’t the SPA be honored for this glorious, praise worthy and historic invention? I opine that their exhilarating feat should have brought laurels and pride to the Nepalese Community. Why not now the alliance be conferred with the gallantry nomenclature of “Seven Party Alliance” from now onwards? They deserve it! What a conspiracy Comrade PRACHANDA! And MADHAB BABU!!! You have exposed your true character in this drama. Congratulations to both of you! What a model of true democracy (LOKTANTRA) in 21st century.

Existing political melodrama can be considered as nothing but just a comedy displayed in a Stage known as Parliament, where the Nation governing strategies are supposed to be formulated. In this drama they themselves make PM, appoint parliament members, announce head of the state, make arbitrary decisions and stick on power how far they like without elections and public mandate. It indicates that these parliamentary moves are only the exhibitions of political circus with a platform from where the Maoists will broaden their way to parliament by bullying Nepali Congress, UML and other stakeholders including security forces and easily loosen the hell breakings.

Disgusting! How the Seven Party Alliance has been exhibiting the unconstitutional dramas for nearly two years, now. What a special session of the parliament they recently summoned. Existing constitution clearly points out that the republic can only be declared by two-third of majority of the parliament. Similar rules also apply for the fully proportional system. Simple Political ethics is; as per the interim constitution, the constitution can only be amended by two-third of the majority. This limping parliament does not have the mandate of the people and has no legitimacy, also. With what authorities this pro tem parliament can decide the fate of Monarchy, Republic or any other sensitive issues, which require broad National consensus? Where are the aspirations and rights of Nepalese citizens? All the sensitive National issues must be resolved with the referendums only. So the international communities and democrats must not approve declaration of “the republic” or other anti democratic moves by this Seven Party Alliance in Nepal.

With what power, authority and legitimacy this SPTA did approve such crucial and sensitive decisions which always require people’s consensus? Where are the Nepal’s constitutional norms and values gone? Isn’t it the sole insult of Nation’s constitution, based on which this so called limping parliament was also formed?

Matter of most serious concern is; the role being played by MADHAB NEPAL and party in this politico-melody. How could NCP (UML) conduct such a blunder of supporting the purely unconstitutional acts during recent special sessions of the parliament? Did MADHAB NEPAL, who always had a long lust for the post of Prime-minister, received any back door assurances from NCP (MAOBADI).

How could a Party which believed on democracy could shake hands with the Maoists, who have ultimate and only aim of establishing a totalitarian communist regime in Nepal? Though it’s touchy; but, I believe that the vision-less Politicians like MADHAB NEPAL must be convinced with my grievances. Honorable MADHAB BABU; Think! How will the Nepalese souls overlook the daylight when in immaculate National attire (DAURA and SURUWAL) you loomed to the Gate of the Royal Palace in quest of Premiership?

Though NCP (UML) has many democratic leaders also, but due to the hegemony of MADHAB NEPAL they have not been able to spread their influence with in the party’s rank and files. It is natural that being a communist party, NCP (UML) should have a deep rooted traditional communist ideology. But, the wise communists very well know that traditional communism does not survive in today’s democratic world. This is the reason that the patriotic communist leaders like Late MADAN BHANDARI and MANMOHAN ADHIKARI had originated the philosophy of “NAULO JANABAD” or Neo-proletariat which seems quite practical and successful in Nepal. As this ideology had many elements of meeting the needs and aspirations of the people, the NCP (UML) was able to gain the trust of intellectuals and international communities in Nepal for last 17 years.

What a Destiny! Have a Glance!! How, Nepal’s one of the most trusts worthy, strong and mature Party in the past has now become power blind, intoxicated with the Party’s petty interests and ultimately hexed on its own feet. Why did a veteran, democrat Politician MADHAB NEPAL played the role of third gender i.e. neuter gender in the special parliamentary session? How could MADHAB NEPAL and party ignore and insult the constitution? Isn’t it UML’s betrayal to the Nepalese people and the Nation as whole? Won’t the stupidity of leaders like MADHAB NEPAL tarnish the image of such a dignified political party in Nepal?

This is a high time for SPA to rise above the party interests, unhealthy alliance, covert deals, ploys and conspiracies and drive the country along with the genuine will of the people, addressing their aspirations and necessities, and then only SPA can survive and get rid of this terrorist tag. SPA please remember, even thinking of Neo-Hitlerism in this 21st century is very hilarious. So explore whatever windows of opportunity you have got now for safeguarding the Nepal’s national interests. If not; the Nepalese people should fearlessly get over of this hallucination of SPA and sweep away this neo-Hitlerism.

The columnist’s whole point is that Nepalese politicians have taken Nepal to the verge of disintegration and destruction. The real people of Nepal are being marginalized by these Fascists. These stakeholders are stubbornly demonstrating all the unconstitutional, illicit and undemocratic acts. This has not only defamed the glorious image of the country, given untold sufferings to the people. Shouldn’t the SPTA learn lessons from the acts of autocrats and tyrants like SADDAM, ALBERTO FUJI MORI, PINOCHET, FIDEL CASTRO, MARCOS, GENERAL NORIEGA, SLOBODAN MILOSOVICH etc? So, SPA! Just my friendly suggestions!! Behave.