Docs in Kashmir Remove 15 Kg Cyst From Pregnant Woman

Srinagar, Sept 24: In the first surgery of its kind in the region, doctors on Saturday removed a 15 kg cyst from a seven-month pregnant woman in Indian administered Kashmir without harming the fetus.

The 15 kg cyst was removed from the ovarian gland of a lady, who came in for a regular pregnancy checkup in a hospital in South Kashmir.

“After undergoing tests, it was detected that she had big cyst in her ovarian gland. A team of doctors decided to conduct immediate surgery. The survival rate in such operations is very rare as you can’t keep the patient on anesthesia for more than eight minutes,” said Dr Mehraj-U-Din Bhat, gynecologist who performed the operation along with anesthetist Dr. Saleem.

Bhat said if the operation had not been completed in the given time frame, the chances of survival of the baby would have reduced drastically.

“We were lucky to finish the operation under seven minutes,” he said.

According to the hospital authorities, the ultrasounds performed after operation show the baby and mother in healthy conditions.

“It is our responsibility to save the lives of people,” said Dr Saleem.

Fayaz Wani reports on life in Srinagar, Kashmir.