Controversy Strikes Team Anna: New Security Measures Implemented

Ralegan Siddhi, India: On Sunday, November 13, 2011 Anna Hazare reiterated that, “I am not anti-Congress”. He announced after a thorough investigation and extensive background checks the he will be revamping and expanding his core committee.

“We will do a background check before including any new members of Team Anna from now this day forward,” he said. He also informed that a code of conduct will be formed for the revamped core committee.

Over the past few weeks members of Team Anna have been in the news headlines as a result of multiple controversies. A multitude of media organizations have already reported that there is an internal rift within Team Anna.

Hazare maintained that his team has already stated his team will support the ruling party if they bring the Jan Lokpal Bill. However, he added he would continue to oppose a weak Lokpal Bill.

The social activist also demanded that the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) be made an independent body, free of government control.