Communism and Its Impact in the World

There is no uniformity on who are communists and how they came up in different countries around the world. In Russia, the communists came up because of poverty and not because of nationalism. In China, communism rose because of poverty as well as a threat to nationalism. In Nepal, the rise of communists was not due to poverty but because of nationalism.

When the communists stood up against India in 1951 AD., the communist party was banned and the ban was lifted five years later by King Mahendra. But the Nepalese communists that used to oppose and criticize India became servile to India and then became their agents. The tug-of-war on dogmatism among international communists and due to useless conflict and in-fighting the source of Nepalese nationalism has become weak. In addition, Nepalese communists are confused. Some are in parliamentary politics, some support a communist dictatorship and some think being communist means they can kill, resort to violence and loot and seize the property of others.

In conclusion, Communism is the sources of terrorism and looting. It never can fulfill the aspirations of the people.

nepal durbar square
Nepal, Durbar Square.

A study of the history of communism and communists tells us that they are still obsessed with murder, violence and revenge. But there is no situation now for the communists to cast their influence and impression by violence, intimidation and destruction. A political museum near Phnom Penh in Cambodia contains human skulls and the inscription says 3,314,768 people were killed by the Khmer Rouge of Pol Pot from April 1975 to January 1979 in the name of strengthening the communists. Similarly, more than a million were killed in Russia in two years from 1918 to 1920 to create a classless society. In addition, 3.5 million more were killed by the communists led by Stalin from 1934-1939 in the former Soviet Union in the name of communization of property.

Not only that, even those no matter how much they had contributed in establishing the communist regime were killed if they differed with Stalin. Stalin died when the rampage of killing and terror was at its peak in 1953. After Stalin, Khrushchev came to power and he exhumed the body of Stalin and it was dragged across the street to portray Stalin as a traitor of the Soviet Union. In the same way, million of Chinese were killed from 1949 to 1965 in the name of consolidating communism and communist rule in China. Now, China has reformed the communist ideology and its regime and is trying to take human freedom and discipline together. It is also getting international recognition for this.

Nepal is a country sandwiched between China and India. Because of its geo-political situation Nepal’s sovereignty has always been very sensitive. Nepal has no threat from China in the north as China has always remained in favor of Nepal’s sovereignty and independence. China does not support any kind of outside interference in Nepal. But Nepal has always been in awe from India’s interference and plots.

As diplomat Keshar Bahadur KC and the Congress leader BP’s son Prakash Koirala says, if it was not for China, Nepal would have lost its independence. For Nepal, its successful foreign policy is to maintain a balance between China and India. But the Indian Congress (I) never thought this way.

It is now all the more clear that this country cannot protect its sovereignty without the monarchy. Now, when the King has been totally misused and ignored, the Terai witnessed such a spate of violence and anarchy that had never happened before, can this country remain sovereign if there is no king? Nepal is different to other nations. If Nepal remains a republic, as it lies between two boulders – China and India – it will not remain secure. If Nepal continues to exist, it will not be democracy that would be established through communism.

If the monarchy is not in Nepal, China could come into Nepal with communism for its security. It is so because it is China’s compulsion. If China does not communize Nepal the foreigners will be subjected to the danger of foreign conspiracy to eternity. If there is no communism in Nepal, China could break up under Indian and American conspiracy. China under threat from imperialist forces will not remain silent. So, for China’s security it will be its foremost agenda to establish a People’s Republic in Nepal.

I believe that ‘continuity of the royal institution’ is the only way to reform the system of democracy by saving Nepal’s existence and freeing it of the communists’ pressure and China’s intervention.

Yes, the royal institution is an ancient organization. However, in Nepal, the royal institution is taken as the base pillar that can maintain peace and security and save democracy. The Royal institution controls the communist and anarchist activities. In the context of Nepal, it is the organization that will move this nation ahead by maintaining a balanced relationship with China and India. China agrees to this concept as well and it will support the re-establishment of the royal institution. China has viewed the royal institution as a source of security since the era of the great leader Mao Ze Dong. After Nepal transforms to People’s Republic (one party communist) it will be easier to establish communism in India too. A huge struggle for communism will ensue in India where there 80 percent of the people are poverty stricken and emasculated. Then, communism will be established in India with guns.

If a People’s Republic were to be established in Nepal and India, Britain, America and other contractors of democracy would not be able to conspire and stop communism through bombardment. So America, Britain and other democratic nations also must understand that the only royal institution of the only Hindu Kingdom is a symbol of world peace that establishes the identity of Nepal.

Nepali Congress bore relevance in Nepal’s democratic history. In 2005 the party forgot its fundamental views and betrayed the aspirations of hundreds of democrats like BP Koirala, Ganeshman Singh and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai by going on to tread the path of republic, secularism and federalism.

Now the party is entrapped in the cage of the communists. Congress has plunged the future of all others into darkness. The Indian concern and Indian leftist leaders and diplomats mistakes has not only made a great impact on Nepal’s nationality but to India as well. In that perspective, Communists and Christians have captured the whole of Nepal. These evil elements want to Christianize this pious Hindu and Buddhist land. The Congress, UML and Maoists are working the agendas of the EU and CIA and they declared a republic and secular nation by imposing a majority with whips in parliament on 20th Sep. 2015

But Nepal is a pious Hindu country in the lap of the Himalayas, which is beautiful, quiet, the birth place of Buddha and the origin of Hinduism. Lord Buddha is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu – the Hindu God. Besides being the country of Everest, it is equally popular with its diverse cultural values.

This is the land where civilization began and is also known as the country of ‘SHANGRILA.’ Nepal is a holy place to Hindus and Buddhists, as Mecca is for Muslims and Jerusalem for Jews and Christians. We Nepalese people must be conscious we save the Nepalese pious identity, traditional culture and prestige.

India and China are the nearest neighbors of Nepal.

Nepal suffered in the time of Congress (I) and RAW’s nefarious activities against Nepal. It is a matter of happiness that the BJP – the strong Hindu nationalist party has captured the regime of India.

The fact is that the Nepalese monarchs held special rights for carrying out ritualistic worship in many Hindu shrines, Dhams and temples in India and then India’s Hindutva also can be dignified.

In this context, to save the identity of Hinduism, the Modi Government should give its attention and support to restore the constitutional monarchy and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal for the dignity of all Hindus in the world.

In Nepal, the Royal institution is taken as a reserve and protective force. The present situation of total chaos, disorder and anarchy can only be brought to an end if the communists and the nationalists of all parties accept the monarchy in the Hindu Kingdom and ethnic diversity under the umbrella of Nepali language and join hands with the monarch and the monarchists.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.