Breaking News: Earthquake Jolts India

Strong Tremors were felt in North and Estern India today at 6.18 pm.

Indian National TV channel “Times Now” reported that on the Richter scale it was measured 6.8 and the epicenter of the earthquake was in Sikkim.

Initial reports said there is no major damage from the earthquake in any part of India.

Meanwhile, many people said panic was spreading throughout Sikkim, and traffic was staying off the roads.

Sikkim is the small landlocked state of India, which borders Nepal to the west, Tibet to the north and east, Bhutan to the southeast, and West Bengal to the south. Located in the Himalayas, the state is relatively sparsely populated, with around half a million inhabitants.

Sikkim’s economy is based on agriculture and tourism.

Earthquake Update:

* At least six people killed in Sikkim

* West Bangal CM says he is assessing damage

* Roads blocked in Sikkim after earthquake

* Army, and other teams dispatched to Sikkim

* Frequent aftershocks in Sikkim

* Indian Air Force planes dispatched

* 200 disaster member team sent to Sikkim

* 3 injured in Nepal, Kathmandu