At Least 16 Dead in Juarez AK-47 Attack

Sixteen victims have been counted in a deadly shooting in Ciuadad Juarez, a Mexican town across the border of El Paso, Texas. The shooting took place at a party and was perpetuated by at least 12 gunmen, claiming young victims between the ages of 14 and 19.

According to a report from Municipal Police communications spokesman Jacinto Seguro to CNN, “Witnesses said the gunmen arrived in seven cars, closing down the streets and blocking exits. They then stormed into the party and began shooting as the group was watching a soccer game.”

Mayor of Juarez Jose Reyes Ferriz also told CNN that the attack was not instigated by any conflict, and that a crime group is not associated with it.

The mayor also described where the shootings took place – a store, a home and an abandoned house. AK-47’s have been reported as the weapon of choice for this tragic act of violence; also the weapon of choice for drug cartels there.

According to reports from Juarez, as many as 160 people have been killed since the turn of the new year. Juarez authorities have offered a 1 million peso reward for information leading to the suspects of this latest deadly outbreak.

The location of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, just south of the U.S. town of El Paso, Texas.

The gunmen blocked off roads and exits before the shootings and arrived at the fateful scene with cars with tinted windshields. Combined with the usage of AK47’s, whoever carried out this act must mean business – hopefully they are apprehended as soon as possible.

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