US to Consider Visa Application of Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Acting Spokesperson Mark C. Toner today said the United States is still considering President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s request to enter the United States for the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment.

Mr. Toner noted that in all cases in which a foreign national seeks to travel to the United States, a formal process is undertaken to determine the applicant’s eligibility for a visa to the United States.

Ali Abdullah Saleh was born 21 March 1942, He is the first President of the Republic of Yemen.

“This process can vary in length of time, and until each step of the process is complete, no final determination is made.” -Mr. Toner

He stressed only at the end of the internal review process will a final visa adjudication be made. The Department of State will confirm that a decision has been reached only after this process has been completed.

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