US Presses Security Council to Pass ‘Real’ Resolution to End Syria’s Turmoil

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice today urged the Security Council to pass a resolution that contains real sanctions to end Asad regime’s brutalities against the Syrian people.

In her remarks at the Security Council Stakeout on the veto of a UN Security Council Resolution on Syria, Ms. Rice said the people of Syria, who seek nothing more than the opportunity to achieve their universal human rights and to see their aspirations for freedom and liberty achieved, have been slapped in the face by several members of this Security Council today.

“And as I said in the chamber, I think the people of Syria and the people of the region have had today the opportunity to determine who among us stand with the people of the region in their quest for a better future, and who will go to whatever lengths are necessary to defend dictators who are on the warpath.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice noted that she don’t think diplomacy or pressure has reached a dead-end despite the vote what they saw today in the Council. She said the majority of members still supported the resolution.

“The majority of members would have supported a sanctions resolution. And the countries in the region are, every day, coalescing and raising their voices against what is transpiring in Syria. This is not, as some would like to pretend, a Western issue.” -Ms. Rice

She said there are other countries all over the world supporting the resolution today, and countries throughout the region who’ve been very clear that the brutality of the Asad regime has to end and that the behavior of the regime is absolutely intolerable.

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