US Opposes Creation of Palestinian State

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice today said the United States opposed the creation of a Palestinian state during an ABC “Good Morning America” interview.

Ms. Rice stressed in the interview that Palestinian’s aspiration for statehood can only be achieved through direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

“We know one thing though for sure, it won’t succeed because in the Security Council, you need nine affirmative votes and no vetoes by a permanent member. And we don’t know for sure what the vote count will be, but we know that they’re not going to get through the Security Council.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice emphasized that there has been no administration, that has done more to defend and protect Israel’s security than the Obama Administration.

“Our foreign military financing is at an all-time high. We’re sharing the most advanced technologies with Israel and giving them technology like iron dome which is preventing them from being hit by rockets.” -Ms. Rice

She highlighted that Prime Minister Netanyahu said without the the United States, the Israeli presence in Egypt and the Israeli diplomats there would have been in grave danger.

“Every day at every turn, we are defending and protecting our ally, Israel, whether in the United Nations or on the ground. So for those who want to play politics, they’ll play politics, but the reality is Israel has had no better partner than this administration in the United States.” -Ms. Rice

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