US Launches New Partnership to Provide Care to ‘Wounded in Libya’

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today visited Tripoli and met Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril.

Ms. Clinton congratulated all Libyans for they have demonstrated the resolve and resilience necessary to achieve their goals. She announced that the United States will launch this new partnership to provide care to your wounded

“It deeply moves us that so many people dropped whatever they were doing to fight for their freedom – engineers and teachers, doctors and business leaders, students, and so many others.” -Ms. Clinton

She stressed that the United States plans to evacuate some of the most seriously injured to specialized medical facilities in the United States.

“We want to help you care for your patients here in Libya, so we will work together to establish a modern medical management system and to provide needed supplies and equipment.” -Ms. Clinton

She said the United States was proud to stand with the Libyan people, and she said the United States will continue to stand with them as they continue the journey, respecting their sovereignty and honoring their friendship.

“This is Libya’s moment. This is Libya’s victory and the future belongs to you.”-Ms. Clinton

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