US Expresses Concern Over Sentencing of 20 Medical Professionals in Bahrain

The United States of America today voiced its concern by sentencing today of 20 medical professionals by the National Safety Court in Bahrain.

Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner said the cases can be appealed and transferred to a civilian appellate court.

“We continue to urge the Bahraini Government to abide by its commitment to transparent judicial proceedings, including a fair trial, access to attorneys, and verdicts based on credible evidence conducted in full accordance with Bahraini law and Bahrain’s international legal obligations.” -Mr. Toner

He said the United States is also concerned about trials of civilians, including medical personnel, in military courts and the fairness of those proceedings. He said the U.S. government has repeatedly shared its position regarding Bahrain’s judicial proceedings with the highest levels of the Bahraini Government.

“We call on the Government of Bahrain and all citizens to create a climate conducive for reconciliation, meaningful dialogue, and reform that, as President Obama said on September 21, will bring peaceful change that is responsive to the aspirations of all Bahrainis.” -Mr. Toner

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