US Condemns Killing of Syrian Human Rights Activist

The United States of America today expressed condemnation on the recent killing of killing of Syrian human rights activist Ghiyath Mattar while in the custody of Syrian Security Forces.

Spokesperson Victoria Nuland from the U.S. State Department today offered her deepest condolences to Mr. Mattar’s family and friends as they they mourn their loss.

“Ghiyath, along with leading activist Yahya Sharbaji and a number of other human rights activists committed to non-violent resistance, was detained on September 6.” -Ms. Nuland

She stated Ghiyath Mattar’s courage in the face of the Asad regime’s brutal repression is well known in his home of Daraya and across Syria. She added that Mr. Mattar’s brave commitment to confronting the regime’s despicable violence with peaceful protest serves as an example for the Syrian people and for all those who suffer under the yoke of oppression.

Ms. Nuland emphasized that the United States stand with the Syrian people in their resistance to tyranny.

“We call on the Asad regime to immediately cease all violence against the Syrian people and release all political prisoners. We again call on Asad to step aside and allow the Syrian people to embark upon the democratic transformation they demand.” -Ms. Nuland

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