Secretary Clinton’s Visit to Tripoli Focuses on Libya’s Transition-Related Issue

A Senior State Department Official in the U.S. State Department today announced the highlights on the upcoming visit of Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton to Tripoli.

The Senior State Department Official said Secretary’s visit to Tripoli is the first cabinet level U.S. official into Tripoli since the fall of Tripoli about two months ago, also the first cabinet level official since 2008, Condoleezza Rice’s visit.

The area of focus for the Secretary’s trip will be the whole range of transition-related issues, the way moving forward.

“The TNC has, of course, done a number of things, such as reiterate Libya’s commitment to the Geneva Accords and Additional Protocols.” – Senior State Department Official

According to the Senior State Department Official, the TNC has recently set up a state security council to work toward the centralization of militias. They have created a ministry of war veterans to deal with the issue of the war wounded with the people who have fought courageously for new Libya.

“The Secretary’s visit to tripoli is also to offer on behalf for the United States, on behalf of the American people and government, our congratulations, our best wishes to the Libyan people for what, through great hardship, sacrifice, and courage, they have achieved in opening the door to a more promising future for Libya after 42 years of the Qadhafi dictatorship.” – Senior State Department Official

The Senior State Department Official said the Secretary will want to talk about how they will overcome some of the challenges they’re facing in fulfilling some of their promises in this area.

“She’ll want to talk about governance, she’ll want to talk with them about their views on transitional justice and accountability, on issues related to the economic future going forward, those sorts of things, so a whole area on how the TNC, how the Libyan people, foresee the transition moving forward.” -Senior State Department Official

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