Resolution 2009 Establishes New UN Presence in Libya

US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice today stated that the adoption of Resolution 2009 will establish new UN presence in Libya and modify the sanctions regime to allow resources to flow more easily as well as transparently to the Libyan authorities.

In her remarks at the Security Council stakeout on Libya, Ms. Rice also stated that the General Assembly made an exceptional act by an overwhelming margin to credential the new Libyan government, its Transitional National Council, as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

“In addition, we adopted a 12-month extension of the mission of the United Nations in Liberia. Which the United States sponsored, and that, too, by a unanimous vote. So it has been a good day.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice said they are looking forward to a busy week next week. She said President Obama will be there. He will have a very full schedule over the course of his two and a half days. He will arrive on Monday the 19th in the afternoon. He will have a very full day on Tuesday when he will participate in the Secretary-General’s high-level meeting on Libya, and we view this as a very important occasion.

“It corresponds to a recommendation that the President, himself, made in August, and we think it provides an opportunity for the international community to show that there is broad and united support for the people of Libya as they embark on this important transition.” -Ms. Rice

She reported that President Obama will also participate in a number of bilateral meetings, including with chairman Jalil of the TNC, and will also have the opportunity to co-chair, with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, a very important high-level meeting on open government partnership.

“On Wednesday, he will, of course, give the opening address at the General Assembly and continue his bilateral meetings. The President will participate in the Secretary-General’s lunch and will traditionally do as he always does and host a reception in the evening for heads of state and delegation.” -Ms. Rice

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