Regime Violence Kills Hundreds of Civilians in Syria

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today expressed condemnation on the escalation of the Syrian regime’s violent and brutal attacks on its own people.

In the past few days, the world has seen intensified Syrian security operations all around the country which have killed hundreds of civilians.

“The government has shelled civilian areas with mortars and tank fire and brought down whole buildings on top of their occupants.” -Ms. Clinton

She noted that the violence has escalated to the point that the Arab League has to suspend its monitoring mission. She added that the regime has failed to meet its commitments to the Arab League to halt its acts of violence, withdraw its military forces from residential areas, allow journalists and monitors to operate freely and release prisoners arrested because of the current unrest.

Mark Lyall Grant (centre), Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the UN, is approached by a crowd of reporters as he exists the Security Council’s closeddoor meeting on Syria. He and other Members of the Council discussed possible draft resolutions addressing the situation in the country.UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

Ms. Clinton called on the Security Council to act and make clear to the Syrian regime that the world community views its actions as a threat to peace and security.

“The violence must end, so that a new period of democratic transition can begin.” -Ms. Clinton

She announced that she will be attending a United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria where the international community should send a clear message of support to the Syrian people.

She stressed that the Arab League is backing a resolution that calls on the international community to support its ongoing efforts, because the status quo is unsustainable.

“The longer the Assad regime continues its attacks on the Syrian people and stands in the way of a peaceful transition, the greater the concern that instability will escalate and spill over throughout the region.” -Ms. Clinton

More than 5,000 people have now died since the start of the public uprising in Syria.

The uprising in Syria is part of a broader popular protest movement that has engulfed North Africa and the Middle East this year and led to the toppling of long-term regimes in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen.

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