Qadhafi’s Death a Turning Point for Libya

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said Qadhafi’s death is a turning point for Libya during an interview with Mike Viqueira of NBC News.

During the interview, Ms. Clinton said in her conversation conversations with TNC leadership, they made very clear that they recognize they have a lot of work ahead of them. She said they have to try to unify the country, unify all the militias under a unitary command. They have to disarm a lot of people who have acquired the thousands of weapons that Qadhafi had stockpiled.

“The TNC is worried that if Qadhafi were still at large, he would be waging guerilla war against them, that he would be recruiting mercenaries, paying with the gold that they believe he had absconded with.” -Ms. Clinton

She stated that if he is removed from the picture, she thought there’s a big sigh of relief. She said the job is still daunting, but they won’t be quite as worried that they have to be constantly looking over their shoulder at him.

“Now, there still maybe be remnants of Qadhafi loyalists and they’ll have to contend with them, but I think removing him as the kind of organizing figure of a resistance is a very positive step if indeed it’s true.” -Ms. Clinton

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