President Saleh: Transition Toward Unified, Stable, Secure, and Democratic Yemen

The United Nations Security Council today passed the Resolution 2014 that sends a strong message to President Saleh that it is time to heed the legitimate calls of the Yemeni people for a peaceful and orderly transition toward a unified, stable, secure, and democratic Yemen.

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice today said the UN Security Council Resolution 2014 strongly condemns the continued human rights violations by the Yemeni authorities, stresses that all those responsible for violence, human rights violations and abuses should be held accountable, and calls for action to achieve a political transition on the basis of the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative without further delay.

“President Saleh has repeatedly pledged to sign the GCC initiative. Today, the Security Council made clear to President Saleh that his continued equivocation is weakening his country and imperiling a peaceful and democratic future for the people of Yemen.” -Ms. Rice

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