Libya Reinstated to UN Human Rights Council

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations today said the reinstatement of Libya to the UN Human Rights Council marks the start of a new opportunity for the Libyan people.

“The General Assembly’s unanimous suspension of Libya nearly nine months ago was an extraordinary and historic response to a vicious, indiscriminate campaign of violence by the Qadhafi regime.” -Ms. Rice

She highlighted that with strong support from nations in the Middle East and every region of the world, the international community demonstrated that it would not turn a blind eye to one ruler’s shameful treatment of his own people.

“Today’s reinstatement is a significant achievement for the Human Rights Council, which demonstrated commendable leadership in requesting Libya’s suspension.” -Ms. Rice

She stressed it is also a strong step towards regularization of Libya’s role in the international system and a statement of solidarity with the Libyan people, who have made extraordinary sacrifices to pursue an inclusive and democratic future that respects and protects human rights.

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