Libya Celebrates Liberation From Four Decades of Qadhafi’s Brutal Dictatorship

The United States of America today joined the Libyan people as they celebrate liberation from more than four decades of Qadhafi’s brutal dictatorship.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stated that the Libyan revolution was the work of ordinary, brave Libyans who demanded their freedoms and dignity.

“The United States is proud to have supported them in those efforts and we are committed to their future.” -Ms. Clinton

She noted that it is a historic moment for Libya. She highlighted that still much work remains to be done. She pointed out that the process of forming a new representative government that is accountable to its people must reflect the same spirit of the revolution and the Transitional National Council should work to announce this government as soon as possible.

“The transitional authorities can build on this movement by promoting reconciliation and respect for human rights across Libyan society, while helping to prevent reprisals and ensuring the justice and due process that the Libyan people expect and deserve.” -Ms. Clinton

She stressed that the path to democracy is a long-term process that requires the participation of all Libyans. She cited that just as the Libyan people led the revolution, they will also lead the process of transition and government formation.

“The United States remains deeply committed to the Libyan people who can now look forward to a new era of freedom, dignity, and security.” -Ms. Clinton

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