Iran Shows Little Interest in Seriously Negotiating Over Nuclear Program

Special Advisor for Nonproliferation and Arms Control Robert J. Einhorn today said Iran has shown little interest in seriously negotiating over their nuclear program.

In his remarks on U.S.-South Korea Relations, Mr. Robert J. Einhorn said the State visit of Lee Myung Bak to Washington was a great success and that was followed by meetings between Secretary Clinton and the President and Foreign Minister in Busan more recently.

“For the sake of peace and prosperity in the world, it’s important that our two countries cooperate closely not just on issues involving the Korean peninsula, but on global issues as well.” -Mr. Einhorn

SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon (centre right) meets with Mohammad Javad Ardeshir Larijani (centre left), Senior Advisor to the Head of the Judiciary of Iran and Secretary General of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, and his delegation, including Mohammad Khazaee (right), Permanent Representative of Iran to the UN.

Mr. Einhorn said one issue on which both countries have to cooperate closely is the situation in Iran.

“The situation in Iran has become more and more worrisome over recent months. Iran makes steady progress on its nuclear program enriching uranium to near 20% level.” – Mr. Einhorn

He reported that recently the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency issued a report which contained the conclusion that Iran has been engaged in activities directly related to nuclear weapons.

“And soon after that, the Board of Governors of the IAEA adopted a resolution by the vote of 32 to 2, essentially endorsing the conclusions of that report and calling on Iran finally to cooperate with the IAEA’s investigations.” -Mr. Einhorn

He cited that the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning Iran for sponsoring a plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador in Washington. More recently the UN General Assembly adopted by the widest margin ever a resolution criticizing Iran’s abuses of human rights.

“And the efforts of the United States and other countries to engage Iran in negotiations over its nuclear program have not been reciprocated by the Iranians.” -Mr. Einhorn

He said Iranian police forces were standing by passively, a mob of young Iranians no doubt sanctioned by the Iranian government, ransacked, destroyed the British Embassy in Tehran.

“So Iran is violating its international obligations. It’s violating international norms. It is becoming a pariah state. What is required is for the international community to send a clear and unified message that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.” -Mr. Einhorn

He stressed that the United States has adopted a number of additional sanctions measures. He added that President Obama issued a new Executive Order that allowed the United States to impose sanctions on foreign companies that provide goods and services to Iranian developmental activities in the oil and gas sector.

“The same Executive Order allowed the U.S. to impose penalties on foreign companies providing goods and services to Iran’s petrochemical industry.” -Mr. Einhorn

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